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Miliciens and More Experiments with Washes

I started to paint a few of my Canadian Militia last week and finished them up today.

I am relatively happy with the way they turned out, but not as happy with the way my Mohawks turned out. I’m experimenting with washes to help give some depth to my painting. The Mohawks are the product of dry-brushing to show depth.

I purchased GW Bedab Black wash and GW Devlan Mud wash and used them on these two figures. They look horrible after the wash, but much better after another heavy dry-brush/coat of paint on the shirts, leggings, and skin.

My question to the more talented painters out there, am I doing the wash wrong? Do you put it on the whole figure or only on the crevices? I’ve never really used this before and would like some input?

The following pics show the figure block painted, washed all over, then a final tidy up with another coat on the flatter surfaces.

The white shirt had bedab black wash used and the buff shirt had devlan mud wash applied. Click on them for a larger view.

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