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New Project: VSF vs. Alien Invasion with Zombie Rules

I’ve been waiting a long time for a package to arrive recently and that has brought a long time reading message boards/blogs and surfing miniature companies. This has lead me to expand the number of sources that I read on a regular basis. One of the new additions to the daily check is the Lead Adventures forum. I have been a staunch TMP reader and contributor for quite some time, but finding Lead Adventures has been a real eye opener. It is what TMP could be if photos were allowed (come to the 21st century with the rest of us) the posters were generally friendly rather than grumpy. What a revelation it’s been, the sheer amount of eye candy and inspiration that it’s brought to me is fantastic.

OK, this lead me to the Lead Adventure miniatures line, which is VSF and Post-Apocalyptic. I have been looking for an excuse to get into 28mm and VSF for some time, and “BLAM” here it is. I have ordered a couple of blisters of the VSF stuff and am awaiting it’s arrival.

Through the LAF, I have also discovered a simple little set of Zombie Survivor rules called Akula’s AR:SE that seem fantastic. They are simple and allow solo play almost without any modification. So, score. But I’m not really a zombie guy, hmmm….

If not zombies, then who? Well, I’ve been eying the Zombismith Grey Aliens for even longer than VSF. So, why not have the zombies created by aliens? So problem settled then.

So, this will be a small side project to the current F&IW project. I have some pretty modest goals with it. There are a few things left to settle though. Do I use zombies? I have a thread started where I’m seeking advice and there are some great options there. One of the things that I do know is that I will be replacing the zombie hordes, large slow moving masses of zombies that can’t be destroyed but spawn zombies, with flying saucers. I have already purchased a cool little model kit for these.

So this one looks to be a lot of fun and no research. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably find a way to do some research somehow.

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