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Flamboyant Miliciens, Canadian Militia (2)

It seems like it has been forever since I posted to the old blog. For some reason, it has taken me ages to paint these three figures. I think one of the reasons is that I don’t have a system in place for turning out figures. I think at one point, I had every figure that was in the system in a stage where they were all waiting to dry for the next step. This usually doesn’t happen as I try to keep some guys always primed and ready to start, others in some stage of basing, and others in some stage of painting, and yet more waiting for some sort of spray. It’s not pretty but it works a treat when it’s up and running.

I also think that two figures at a time seems to be my sweet spot, as I can rip through two, but there is some sort of geometric mutltiplication of effort going on as I increase the number of figures past that. With uniformed figures, I’m sure it saves time to paint more in one go, but not with the individualistic types I’ve got going here.

Flamboyant You Say?

After seeing some fantastic photos of Canadian Militia painted in colored shirts, I thought I would add some to the mix myself.

I have been having some great fun with the wash that I came up with. At this point it’s doing such a great job that I do VERY LITTLE highlighting afterwards. I like the effect as it stands, just block paint and wash. The only things I highlight aftewards are the edges of the tuque and the hammer, pan, and end of musket barrels.

2 thoughts on “Flamboyant Miliciens, Canadian Militia (2)

  1. Wow, looking brilliant.

    Can’t believe you’re using so little in the way of highlights – a testament to the success of your wash system I’d say.

    Galloping Major Ltd

    1. Thanks, yeah I was prepared to hit it with the highlights and couldn’t really find anything much to highlight. I kinda feel like I’m cheating.

      I also go over the flesh quickly, but forgot to mention that in my post.

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