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Repainting Figures

I have always been afraid of having to do this. I have very limited hobby time with a busy family life and a few jobs, so I have dreaded having to spend one or two weeks of my hobby time on something that I will have to redo later. I have let it stop me from experimenting, a let it stop me from growing as a painter I suppose.

I took the plunge with some Canadien Militia recently and wasn’t happy with the results. So, it’s off to the store to pick up some “Simple Green”. I’m not sure about availability outside the US or brand name elsewhere, so you might have to do some research to find it. Simple Green is pretty widely known as a safe substance that does a heck of a job removing paint from figures. I’m not sure about plastics, but I don’t have any so it’s not a worry for me.

I popped them into a glass jar, put a touch of water in, and added an equal amount of simple green and let them sit over night. I pulled them out last night and gave them a going over with an old toothbrush. It removed 95% of the paint with ease. Pretty impressive. There were a few bits still in deep crevices and undercuts, so i popped them back in the Simple Green for another night. I hope this will take them back to “factory” condition ready for priming and getting back into the action.

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