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Review of War on the Run: The Epic Story of Robert Rogers and the Conquest of America’s First Frontier by John F. Ross

This is my review of War on the Run: The Epic Story of Robert Rogers and the Conquest of America’s First Frontier by John F. Ross

I finally finished this book after a number of weeks, I’m a notoriously slow reader.

This book starts at the beginning of Rogers’ life and gives a great account of the society that he came from. It goes on to describe his early life in appropriate detail. I really enjoyed the level of detail the book uses, it’s detailed enough to give you a great image of the time or person, but doesn’t bog down in minutia that isn’t relevant.

There is plenty in here to give the wargamer material for scenarios. There are many accounts of battles around Lake Champlain and Southern Quebec, to accounts far into Pontiac’s Rebellion. These accounts get into numbers and types of troops involved, and quite a few first hand accounts.

This book is easily a great read all by itself, combine great writing with an interest in the period and you’ve got a great book. This should be in the library of every French and Indian War enthusiast and every gamer interested in playing skirmishes from the period.

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28mm French and Indian War Manufacturers

I thought I’d write this post as I’m constantly amazed at what’s out there for the FIW period. Here’s a list for those that find it through google, but mostly for myself. I tend to forget things after a while and lists help.

This list in no way constitutes anything other than MY OPINION. It is not a condemnation of any range of figures. I realize that people work really hard to create such things and respect that, but a little guidance when starting out can be invaluable. I will only comment on the quality of the figures that I have had contact with.

The Galloping Major Wargames

By far my favorite maker of little men. This range just seems to fit my perception of the period to a tee. I ordered one of everything this winter and am working my way though them with a smile on my face.


While no specific FIW models are on the site, there are some beautiful Native Americans in the AWI range that will work a treat.


Front Rank

While they do have some specific FIW models, they also have some good looking Brit and French regulars that I might use. You can find some Indians in the AWI section that might help as well.

Redoubt Enterprises

Eureka Miniatures

Blue Moon Manufacturing

These guys sell large packs of figures. 10-20 unique casts in each pack.

Dixon Miniatures

Seem to be some old school figs.

Old Glory Miniatures

Seem to be some old school figs, but cheap as chips.

Cavalcade Wargames

The only option for troops in snow shoes.

Brigade Games

Not strictly a FIW range, but he King Philips War Range has some cool looking indians in it that would be fine in the FIW.

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Rangers (1)

These troops have been a long time coming. I choose to paint them last as they are the most involved troops that I posses. Lots of straps and buttons and trim. I’m very happy with the results and it was kinda nice to have a more regular type of troop to paint for a change, most of the decisions were easy to make and the variation kept to a minimum, relatively speaking. Many of the parts of the models that need uniqueness were given a nice pattern to follow, like the large pouches for example.

These took me about twice as long to paint as the Canadian Militia due to the sheer amount of variety on each model. It has to be said that it was an fun process though. I feel like I haven’t posted forever, but it’s just that I decided not to post every time I have two figures ready, I’m now waiting to finish lots of 6+ before posting. So the posts will be a little more infrequent, but contain more photos in each.

Overall a joy to paint and I look forward to painting many more. I have six more in my possession and will order the very new Ranger Command and Personalities from the Galloping Major as soon as I get the coins together.

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Huron (1)

Just finished these up last night. This is the second set of Indians I’ve done and the first with any experience in 28mm behind me, if paint all of 19 models counts as experience. I used a wash on these, which I didn’t on my previous Mohawks, and I think it helps to soften the skin tones and helps define the muscles in a way my brushwork doesn’t.

I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out. This is my first trial at war paint, it’s a difficult thing for me to come to terms with. I’d be more comfortable if there were some sort of regulations that told me the three possible combinations or some such thing, but I think I’ll be out of luck on this one. My fear is that I’ll end up adding the same three “random” patterns to everyone, but we’ll see.

I painted these with darker colors than I used on the Mohawks as I’ve been thinking of realistic ways to distinguish the two tribes at tables length. I’d also like to run red on red battles with them, so some distinction is preferable. Don’t get me wrong, when looking at a model closely, there are many differences, but sometimes this is lost when viewing from far away. As I wrote that last sentence, I realize that the Mohawk have feathers in their hair and the Huron don’t…damn, just checked the website and it’s consistent. That’s a bunch of wasted brain power, but at least I’ve got the easy recognition that I was after.

Without further ado, here’s the new batch.

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Canadian Militia (3)

I’ve been working on these guys for a while and I finally have enough of them to put a small unit on the table. I finished two lads that I had painted previously and stripped as I didn’t like the effects of GW washes. After some time in Simple Green, they were ready to base coat and get back on the painting table. I choose to use some larger areas of red in them after deciding that it wasn’t too over powering of a color for my woodsmen.

Here are some different perspectives and a few individual shots of the new lads.