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28mm French and Indian War Manufacturers

I thought I’d write this post as I’m constantly amazed at what’s out there for the FIW period. Here’s a list for those that find it through google, but mostly for myself. I tend to forget things after a while and lists help.

This list in no way constitutes anything other than MY OPINION. It is not a condemnation of any range of figures. I realize that people work really hard to create such things and respect that, but a little guidance when starting out can be invaluable. I will only comment on the quality of the figures that I have had contact with.

The Galloping Major Wargames

By far my favorite maker of little men. This range just seems to fit my perception of the period to a tee. I ordered one of everything this winter and am working my way though them with a smile on my face.


While no specific FIW models are on the site, there are some beautiful Native Americans in the AWI range that will work a treat.


Front Rank

While they do have some specific FIW models, they also have some good looking Brit and French regulars that I might use. You can find some Indians in the AWI section that might help as well.

Redoubt Enterprises

Eureka Miniatures

Blue Moon Manufacturing

These guys sell large packs of figures. 10-20 unique casts in each pack.

Dixon Miniatures

Seem to be some old school figs.

Old Glory Miniatures

Seem to be some old school figs, but cheap as chips.

Cavalcade Wargames

The only option for troops in snow shoes.

Brigade Games

Not strictly a FIW range, but he King Philips War Range has some cool looking indians in it that would be fine in the FIW.

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