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Rangers (1)

These troops have been a long time coming. I choose to paint them last as they are the most involved troops that I posses. Lots of straps and buttons and trim. I’m very happy with the results and it was kinda nice to have a more regular type of troop to paint for a change, most of the decisions were easy to make and the variation kept to a minimum, relatively speaking. Many of the parts of the models that need uniqueness were given a nice pattern to follow, like the large pouches for example.

These took me about twice as long to paint as the Canadian Militia due to the sheer amount of variety on each model. It has to be said that it was an fun process though. I feel like I haven’t posted forever, but it’s just that I decided not to post every time I have two figures ready, I’m now waiting to finish lots of 6+ before posting. So the posts will be a little more infrequent, but contain more photos in each.

Overall a joy to paint and I look forward to painting many more. I have six more in my possession and will order the very new Ranger Command and Personalities from the Galloping Major as soon as I get the coins together.

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  1. Great looking unit Rusti I, really like your painting style.

    Galloping Major

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