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Mohawks (2)

This is the first time I have painted a second group of figures. Meaning, I have already painted a group of Mohawks, but I painted three other groups of figures before starting this group.

Having a go at them was easier this time as I have much more experience under my belt than I did. Color choices came easier as I think I have maxed out the number of different colors I can use for leggings and the little things. This limited number of different colors should bring some cohesion to the group even thought they are dressed uniquely. The Mohawk remain my favorite to paint as there is sooo much personality in these lads.

I have finally gained some confidence with painting war paint. I have really gone for it with these guys, giving everyone some sort of paint on the face. Mixed with the 6 that I painted before, that’s 50% of the Mohawks sporting war paint. I am compiling a list of sites and posts that I use for inspiration as I find it hard to create unique and random warpaint schemes. But it’s coming along.

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French and Indian War Scenarios

There seems to be a dearth of FIW scenarios out there for gamers. So I thought I would start a resource for those looking to find them. If you know of any posted on the net, leave a comment with a link and I’ll add it the post.

TooFatLardies Scenarios

3 fantastic scenarios can be found on the Toofatlardies Yahoo Group. Unfortunately you have to join to read them, but you’ll find them here. The rules are, of course, for the TFL game of Sharp Practice, but are easily ported to any system with little effort.

Brilliant Blog Posts with Scenarios

Raid on Butler’s Landing
This is an amazing report and a feast for the eyes. A raid by Indians and French Marines on an English fort with Readcoats and Rangers. A look around the site will reveal a wealth of knowledge.

Brilliant Scenarios to be Found In Message Board Threads

Massacre at Deer Creek
A great game for Indians vs. Redcoats & Settlers. You really must see this one.

Beaver War Scenario
A great little scenario that could easily be converted to the FIW. French vs. Indians.

Sorry it’s a short list at the moment, but this stuff is really hard to find. Leave a comment if you know of any scenarios.