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French and Indian War Scenarios

There seems to be a dearth of FIW scenarios out there for gamers. So I thought I would start a resource for those looking to find them. If you know of any posted on the net, leave a comment with a link and I’ll add it the post.

TooFatLardies Scenarios

3 fantastic scenarios can be found on the Toofatlardies Yahoo Group. Unfortunately you have to join to read them, but you’ll find them here. The rules are, of course, for the TFL game of Sharp Practice, but are easily ported to any system with little effort.

Brilliant Blog Posts with Scenarios

Raid on Butler’s Landing
This is an amazing report and a feast for the eyes. A raid by Indians and French Marines on an English fort with Readcoats and Rangers. A look around the site will reveal a wealth of knowledge.

Brilliant Scenarios to be Found In Message Board Threads

Massacre at Deer Creek
A great game for Indians vs. Redcoats & Settlers. You really must see this one.

Beaver War Scenario
A great little scenario that could easily be converted to the FIW. French vs. Indians.

Sorry it’s a short list at the moment, but this stuff is really hard to find. Leave a comment if you know of any scenarios.

7 thoughts on “French and Indian War Scenarios

  1. I have also found a few scenarios over the years on various Yahoo Groups with an interest in warfare in Colonial America or rulesets covering that period. Sometimes I’ve found scenarios are posted in threads as ‘scenario ideas’ or even battle reports or in the files sections.

    There are a couple of scenarios on the WargamingFIW Yahoo group in particular.

    Other Yahoo Groups I have found a couple in either the files section or in the various postings are:

    Even though BAB or Brother Against Brother is an ACW based rulest, it does have a section covering the use of the rules for the F&IW, AWI The War of 1812 and Seminole War.

    Unfortunately, as noted, you have to join to read them.

    I hope this is of some use. I know I have a few other scenarios saved away as favorites including a few F&IW battle reports and will add them when I eventuall come across them again (my favourites folder is a mess…).

    I know you’re after scenaio links in particular, but I have also found that sites such as The Miniatures Page’s, 18th Century Discussion and 18th Century Battle Report Message Board can also be useful for finding the odd scenario using the serch function.

    1. Great start Barry, Thanks! I’ll sift through these in my next couple of opportunities and add to my post. Like you say, I’m mainly interested in getting some easily found scenarios on the web posted, but you’re comment will remain here for the extra info.

      Thanks again, there are a few groups I wasn’t aware of here.

      1. Hi Rusti,

        The following link is wrong and is a link to my Photobucket album:

        It was meant to be a link to the BAB Yahoo Group:

        I thought there was a scenario in the link section but I may have been mistaken. There are a couple of ideas in a message. I searched for French & Indian War Scenarios.

  2. Great stuff Rusti, this is turning into a very handy resource for gamers.

    1. That’s what I’m hoping for!

  3. Good stuff. I am planning another F&I Sharp Practice game in the near future. This will be a followup to the Rescuing Providence scenario that takes place along the creek/lake where the Abenakis hid their canoes.
    the Sharp Practice rules are the best I’ve come across for gaming American skirmishes. I use it for AWI and Second Semoinole War with just a few modifications. I really like the low casualty results-much more historical. I also give the Indians triple shock points after they’ve taken a casualty. They tended not to stick around unless they could win with very low losses.


    1. Mark, It’s great to hear that you will be returning to FIW! I was worried when I had seen you turn your talents to AWI (though I enjoy that too), as you have produced some of the best scenarios that I’ve seen for Sharp Practice in the era. Please let me know when you create the follow up, I’d love to add it to the list, as I’m sure it’ll be a cracker.

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