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Huron (2)

I started this project as a fan of the Rangers and Iroquois, and really only choose to paint their opponents out of necessity. I suppose that comes from living on this side of the border (even if only by 1.5 miles). I’ve really come to like the Huron models as I paint more of them.

You still can’t beat a Mohawk scalplock, but the wider variety of warpaint colors available to the Huron gives these guys a leg up when painting. Until now I’ve been really conservative with the warpaint, but I really went for it with this group splashing the red and black around as much as I dared. I’m still not ready to use purple, but I tried one with green to see how it went, it doesn’t look to outlandish.

These guys turned out well I think. I wanted to do justice to the dramatic pose of the gent holding a rifle over his head with a wide stance. I’m not sure I did as he looks a little plain upon reflection. One more batch and the Huron should be finished.

2 thoughts on “Huron (2)

  1. Great painted figures!!

  2. Thanks Ray, I appreciate it!

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