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Copplestone Partisan Fighters

This is the second lot of Copplestone figures that I painted for my Dead of Winter project.  I really like the rag-tag look of these guys, they are the Partizan Fighters pack.  I tried to use some recuring colors to keep them somewhat cohesive as a unit, but making them look like they wore whatever […]

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Review of Bloody Mohawk

Bloody Mohawk  by Robert Berleth This is simply a fantastic book, both in terms of writing and content.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from the moment I started reading until the moment I put it down.  It takes you through the Mohawk Valley from 1713-1794 and details the major ethinic groups and individuals that lived and […]

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Rangers (4)

I have finally finished the last of my current Galloping Major figures.  These last few were a lot of fun.  I really like painting the tricorns and lace on the uniforms.  There’s not a lot to say about them that hasn’t been said before as this is the fourth lot of Rangers that I have […]

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Killer B – Fantastic Flash Gordon Types

I really like the retro space style of these guys.

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Great VSF Stuff

  This is a great little VSF Dragonfly-mobile.

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Mohawks (4) – Last of the Mohawk…ins

It’s with great pleasure that put the final bits of paint on these fine warriors.  I really enjoyed painting the Mohawks as they were the first FIW figs that I painted and are really a lot of fun.  I used a lot of blue and read and warpaint on this last batch.  Not much to […]

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