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Copplestone Partisan Fighters

This is the second lot of Copplestone figures that I painted for my Dead of Winter project.  I really like the rag-tag look of these guys, they are the Partizan Fighters pack.  I tried to use some recuring colors to keep them somewhat cohesive as a unit, but making them look like they wore whatever they had when it was time to head out.

The Copplestone figures, in general, are fantastic to paint.  They seem to ooze character with a minimum of faffy bits to paint.  They could be a study in most effect with greatest conservation of detail.  I painted them about a quarter of the time it usually takes me for my FIW 28’s.

These guys should be great backup for my regulars when it comes time to zap some zombies.

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Review of Bloody Mohawk

Bloody Mohawk  by Robert Berleth

This is simply a fantastic book, both in terms of writing and content.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from the moment I started reading until the moment I put it down.  It takes you through the Mohawk Valley from 1713-1794 and details the major ethinic groups and individuals that lived and competed in the area.

I was primarily interested in the French and Indian War for this area, but I was riveted with the American War of Independence sections as well.  The area was involved with the Saratoga Campaign which is one of the events that I have previously researched.

I had always wondered what “Palatine Germans” were when reading about events here and now I know.  The interplay between the different ethnic groups is clearly defined and explained in the book against the back drop of two wars and many events.   You leave the  book knowing why events happened here and with a detailed account of the major battles as well.  The writing is very well done and captures your interest from the outset.

By 1713 the Mohawk Valley was home to Palatine Germans, Dutch, English, Scots, Irish, New Englanders, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora.  Each of these groups intermarried and related to the others through trade and travel.  It’s during this time that the Iroquois League denigrates and New York becomes more than a backwater.
Can’t recommend it enough, get this book if you are interested in the FIW!

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Rangers (4)

I have finally finished the last of my current Galloping Major figures.  These last few were a lot of fun.  I really like painting the tricorns and lace on the uniforms.  There’s not a lot to say about them that hasn’t been said before as this is the fourth lot of Rangers that I have painted.

I engaged in a sort of race (known only to me) with The Major as I wanted to get to a point where I had painted the entire range, this meant that I had to paint faster than he could sculpt and get through the production process.  Not really a fair competition, but hey, there you go.

Without further ado.

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Mohawks (4) – Last of the Mohawk…ins

It’s with great pleasure that put the final bits of paint on these fine warriors.  I really enjoyed painting the Mohawks as they were the first FIW figs that I painted and are really a lot of fun.  I used a lot of blue and read and warpaint on this last batch.  Not much to say that hasn’t already been said about painting them here.  I can’t wait to get my hands on some rumored Indians with hand weapons coming from the Galloping Major in the distant future.

Anyway, here they are.