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Rangers (4)

I have finally finished the last of my current Galloping Major figures.  These last few were a lot of fun.  I really like painting the tricorns and lace on the uniforms.  There’s not a lot to say about them that hasn’t been said before as this is the fourth lot of Rangers that I have painted.

I engaged in a sort of race (known only to me) with The Major as I wanted to get to a point where I had painted the entire range, this meant that I had to paint faster than he could sculpt and get through the production process.  Not really a fair competition, but hey, there you go.

Without further ado.

4 thoughts on “Rangers (4)

  1. Excellent work, I like to see the odd Ranger with a tricorn on, it just adds a touch of diversity to a unit, nice one!!

    1. Thanks.

      I’m looking forward to painting more tricorns soon. There seems to be a balance to strike between having some variety and making sure they look like a solid unit. They are probably much more uniform than in reality, but I like the look of them.

  2. Well, you certainly won that race Rusti 😉
    Ready for a re-match?

    1. Of course sir, the gauntlet is now thrown!

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