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Dredd – WIP

I’ve been reading old Judge Dredd comics this summer and it’s got me thinking about painting them for a while. I’ll write more about them when they have the final touches done.

I had a problem where Dreddy was bigger than the bases I use, so I hit him with a file and shortened the cast-on base. Now his feet stick over a bit, but I like the effect, and only nicked his feet with a file a few times.





2 thoughts on “Dredd – WIP

  1. Looking good so far. Im glad that you worked out the basing problem 🙂

  2. Thanks, I was a bit scared to use the file on him as he was already painted, but it worked out. Now if I could only decide on a basing material/look. I always have this problem when my figures don’t hang out in the woods.

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