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Lead Adventure Miniatures – Bonnie and Clyde

I’ve had these folks for about six months now and have been looking forward painting them for even longer.   At first I was intimidated by the level of detail in the sculpts but it didn’t turn out to be daunting at all.  In fact, it seemed a perfect level of detail and with some careful color choices, it was quite easy to paint them.  I used the LAM website as my guide for the colors and it turned out quite well.  If I had it to do over again, I might have gone with a green for the Bonnie’s dress, but I like it anyhow.  Try as I might, I couldn’t get a decent in focus picture of Bonnie.

These guys represent my first foray into 28mm VSF and I’m glad to start it.  At first they will fight zombies using Akula’s AR:SE rules and eventually I plan to have some dastardly Prussians and possibly Turks for them to fight with Flying Lead.  We’ll see where it goes, but the first priority is FUN really and these guys are definitely fun to paint.



These are also the first ever metal miniatures I have based on slotta bases.  I like the rounded 30mm bases as these will be centerpiece figures, they will never be in a unit really. Each is an individual.


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