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Mantic Zombies (1)


Group One

I’ve been plugging away at these for a bit and I’ve shown a few here and there over the past few months.  I own ninety of them at the moment and I hope the grow the number even further as I get towards the winter months.  I’ll leave the reviews to other blogs that have more experience with different zombies.  My opinion is this

  • I needed cheap zombies and these guys are dirt cheap, especially when you order them in groups of 60
  • I’m a little disappointed in the number of hand options they give.  In ever group of four hands (per three models) one is holding a head and another is holding a severed hand.  I could do without these as they draw attention and hurt the randomness of the zombie mob.  Every four zombies is holding a severed hand?
  • Putting them together is easy and shouldn’t detract from them.
  • They are ridiculously good value for money and the only way to build a zombie hoard of 200 models.

I have been painting them by:

  1. Spray paint of various colors (ColorPlace Grey Primer, Krylon Grey Primer, Krylon Beige Camo Paint, Krylon Light Green Camo Paint)
  2. Then dry-brushing them with a lighter color
  3. Painting random colors on the rotting clothes, same color for four random models at a time
  4. Painting the various open wounds with a light red-brown color
  5. Painting the hair various colors
  6. Painting eyes red
  7. Washing with my own wash formula
  8. Two coats of Dullcote
  9. Fin

I’d like to cut down the number of steps, but I think this is going to be the most efficient way to do it and still be satisfied.  With Zombies, it’s not the individual that matters, but the hoard effect.  While I do try my best, I don’t touch up mistakes, I just keep going.  There will always be more zombies to paint.

I painted a group of 12 first then a group of 15.  I don’t think I will paint larger groups than 15 as the task then seems daunting and I will put it off in favor of models that I enjoy painting more.

Group Two

2 thoughts on “Mantic Zombies (1)

  1. They look good to me. I also have trouble keeping motivated when painting more than a handful of models. I find that I am more productive overall when I approach figure painting in smaller batches.

    The Mantic zombies are probably the best plastic zombies available. I have only two negative issues with them: the lack of variation in the arms that you mentioned and the ragged, toga like clothing which limits their practical use in modern or futuristic settings (my preferred “periods”.

    Great value though, and some nice crisp detail on the musculature and in particular heads.

    For additional variation you could pick up some of the Mantic Ghouls. The head/neck and waist connections are designed to be compatible. It could help provide some extra variation in the horde.

  2. I have thought about the ghouls, but I’m not sure enough to buy them. I think I might have to even if it’s just to add the variation whether I like the idea or not.

    Thanks for the comments!

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