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Trouble in Ireland – IRA (1)

I’ve had my eye on this period for some time and the Paul Hicks’ figures finally pushed me into getting started.  I also bought the original VBCW book for some light reading and to get more use out of IWI figures.  I thought the IWI offered some engagements with low model counts and few specific terrain features.  So here we go.

This first lot of figures are from Musketeer Miniatures and are absolutely beautiful to see painted up. But while I was painting them, my enthusiasm dimmed somewhat.  I love Copplestone sculpts as they are minimalistic BUT still brimming with character.  Painting these, while still minimalistic, each figure seemed more of a cipher than a character?  Once they were painted, I warmed to them more.  I think they will look great in larger numbers, say 10 or so.  You can tell they were sculpted with skill, but there is just a little something missing.  I’m not giving up on them, but I’m hoping they do grow on me as there is VERY LITTLE out there for this period.

On the plus side, hey they are figures specifically made to represent the IRA!  You can’t beat that.  And they paint up very quickly, I mean very quickly.  I could easily paint all four of these chaps int he time it takes for one Mohawk or Ranger.

I’m not entirely happy with the dark palette that I used for these four, but until I have more experience with the period, I’ll keep copying the paint schemes of the Musketeer Miniatures site.

Here is the next lot ready to go.

2 thoughts on “Trouble in Ireland – IRA (1)

  1. Hello

    I think your IWI figures are excellent – very nicely painted indeed. I hope you don’t mind me asking one question – how did you base and decorate your figures’ bases?

    I have just bought the same Musketeer Miniature figures but have never based figures before as I normally stick with 1/32 figures.

    Thanks for any advice you can give


    1. No Problem Andrew. I base them on fender washers then paint them a dull brown. Once that’s done I just apply a little school glue and dip them in static grass. Very simple but I think it’s quite effective.

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