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Judges (2)

Dredd and Anderson


I’ve finally worked up some more Judges.  After deciding that I was going to do them in pairs so I had something to show on a regular basis, I went a different way.  I prepped and primed all four because it saved some work, then I thought, well I might as well paint all the blue while I have that out, then I’ll just paint two.  Then I thought, as long as I have the green out, I’ll just paint all the green, then I’ll concentrate on two models, and so on.  Until I had painted all four together.

I”m really happy with the way these turned out.  The style of the sculpts allows for some easy painting.  Lots of deep lines and flat surfaces in between.  Pretty standard fair.  Though the more I look at these pics, Joe Dredd has some pretty crazy proportions, but I still like the model.

Here’s a few more pics.

Hershey and Karyn




And just to show I’ve not been idle, I’ve got a bunch of stuff on the workbench ready to go.

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Black and Tans (1)

I painted these Black and Tans from Musketeer Miniatures a while ago, but finally snapped the photos this morning.  They were a bit flashier than I’m used to but cleaned up well.

They were fun to paint, but I’m a sucker for puttees.  I couldn’t really figure out what color exactly to paint the RIC green clothing or the brown/beige English uniform clothing so I just made my best guess and went for it.   The green is Luftwaffe Green and the brown is English Uniform.  I think the puttees should have been a closer shade to the uniform color, but I like the contrast and the models are so dark anyway, I’m sticking with the nice light color for them.  I think it’s Middlestone, but I’ll have to check if anyone is interested.

I’m thinking they will do double duty as Scots militia for my VBCW setting as well.

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Dogs of War

I found these fantastic minis at Warlord Games in the Ancient Britons range.  I’ve always fancied painting some and the Ancient Britons range fascinates me, but two things have always stopped me from buying any.  1. I don’t have any interest in any of their oppononts, except maybe the Picts but I don’t have enough knowledge of the period to know if they were around at the same times. 2. I don’t have any interest in the period or style of warfare.
So I will use the dogs in my zombie games, because everyone knows dogs aren’t affect by the stuff that turns you into zombies.

I’d like to get a variety of colors for the dogs (I plan to add more) but I have to figure out what other colors are realistic choices.  This color scheme is what modern mastiffs are bred for.  A quick check on wikipedia just now shows I have a few other options.  I was curious how well my meat-fisted attempt at the “masking” of the eyes, snout, and ears would turn out, but I’m pretty happy with it.

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Judge Painting Guide

I won’t be painting up large batches of Judges, so I thought I would make this quicky painting guide for myself, so I can remember the colors I used and gain a bit of uniformity for the boys.

Thought maybe someone else would find it useful.  All colors Vallejo except the Boltgun Metal that is an old leftover from GW paints a long time ago.

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Foundry Judges (1)

I have wanted these figures ever since I first saw them on the Foundry website, but the prices always stopped me.  My interest in Judge Dredd goes way back.  I was a big time comic reader when I was younger, it helped that my mom had an uncle with a news stand that used to bring her loads of comics missing covers every month to read.  So she was all for it and I got into it full on.  I never read 2000AD, but started with Dredd when the Dredd compilations came out and he was basically my introduction to sci-fi dystopian stories, I’ve been a fan of them ever since.  I owned the Judge Dredd RPG in the 80’s, and many of the Citadel Judges back then.  I owned the block wars board games, sold off in recent times on ebay (I regret that), and couldn’t wait to see the Judge Dredd movie when it came out (yeah, even though it essentially sucked, I still enjoyed it).  So, essentially a big Dredd fan.

I managed to aquire a large collection of Judge Dredd comics on my iPad and have been re-reading them this summer.  I also started acquiring zombies to paint for the Akula’s AR:SE rules.  I thought to my self, I’d like to get those Dredd models, even if I just get a few to paint and never use.  Well, then I read the Judgement Day storyline from Judge Dredd Megazine and 2000AD, ZOMBIES AND DREDD I said to myself.  Game on.

I also ran across some great threads on Lead Adventure Forums that really made me appreciate the different Judge figures out there.  So, I place an order and voila, I’m the proud owner of 9 Judges and am smiling ear to ear as I paint them.  Now these can best be described as pure, unadulterated fun to paint.   You can use comic book colors run wild.

This is Judge Dredd and Judge Giant, the first two Judges to hit the streets in Vermont.