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Judges (2)

  I’ve finally worked up some more Judges.  After deciding that I was going to do them in pairs so I had something to show on a regular basis, I went a different way.  I prepped and primed all four because it saved some work, then I thought, well I might as well paint all […]

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Black and Tans (1)

I painted these Black and Tans from Musketeer Miniatures a while ago, but finally snapped the photos this morning.  They were a bit flashier than I’m used to but cleaned up well. They were fun to paint, but I’m a sucker for puttees.  I couldn’t really figure out what color exactly to paint the RIC […]

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Dogs of War

I found these fantastic minis at Warlord Games in the Ancient Britons range.  I’ve always fancied painting some and the Ancient Britons range fascinates me, but two things have always stopped me from buying any.  1. I don’t have any interest in any of their oppononts, except maybe the Picts but I don’t have enough […]

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Judge Painting Guide

I won’t be painting up large batches of Judges, so I thought I would make this quicky painting guide for myself, so I can remember the colors I used and gain a bit of uniformity for the boys. Thought maybe someone else would find it useful.  All colors Vallejo except the Boltgun Metal that is an old […]

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Foundry Judges (1)

I have wanted these figures ever since I first saw them on the Foundry website, but the prices always stopped me.  My interest in Judge Dredd goes way back.  I was a big time comic reader when I was younger, it helped that my mom had an uncle with a news stand that used to […]

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