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Black and Tans (1)

I painted these Black and Tans from Musketeer Miniatures a while ago, but finally snapped the photos this morning.  They were a bit flashier than I’m used to but cleaned up well.

They were fun to paint, but I’m a sucker for puttees.  I couldn’t really figure out what color exactly to paint the RIC green clothing or the brown/beige English uniform clothing so I just made my best guess and went for it.   The green is Luftwaffe Green and the brown is English Uniform.  I think the puttees should have been a closer shade to the uniform color, but I like the contrast and the models are so dark anyway, I’m sticking with the nice light color for them.  I think it’s Middlestone, but I’ll have to check if anyone is interested.

I’m thinking they will do double duty as Scots militia for my VBCW setting as well.

2 thoughts on “Black and Tans (1)

  1. Nice! I saw this originally as a post on TMP. I’m researching the RIC myself for an Irish civil wars project. I’ve just assembled and primed a small company of these same type of figures. I think some TMP posters had it right, the green would be very dark, British rifle green, and the khaki would be the greenish-brown khaki serge of the standard British service dress uniform. I like having the puttees as a lighter contrast, that’s probably accurate since they would have been made from a different type of wool and the contrast makes for a nicer figure.

  2. Thanks for the comment Kevin. Yeah, I’ve taken a little schtick for the color I’ve chosen for my green. It’s kind of a compromise between aesthetics and accuracy.

    Good luck with your project!

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