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Judges (2)

Dredd and Anderson


I’ve finally worked up some more Judges.  After deciding that I was going to do them in pairs so I had something to show on a regular basis, I went a different way.  I prepped and primed all four because it saved some work, then I thought, well I might as well paint all the blue while I have that out, then I’ll just paint two.  Then I thought, as long as I have the green out, I’ll just paint all the green, then I’ll concentrate on two models, and so on.  Until I had painted all four together.

I”m really happy with the way these turned out.  The style of the sculpts allows for some easy painting.  Lots of deep lines and flat surfaces in between.  Pretty standard fair.  Though the more I look at these pics, Joe Dredd has some pretty crazy proportions, but I still like the model.

Here’s a few more pics.

Hershey and Karyn




And just to show I’ve not been idle, I’ve got a bunch of stuff on the workbench ready to go.

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