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English Regulars, BUF, IRA, and Eddie

I have been wanting to paint this lot for some time.  All of the models are from the Musketeer Miniatures Interwar and WW1 ranges, with one exception.   The figure of Edward is a freebie given away at a British wargames show called Partizan.  A very nice gentleman sent it to me, thank you again sir. […]

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Captain America and The Red Skull

I haven’t blogging recently, but I’ve been Super Busy!  (get it?) Anyway, I received these guys quite some time ago, two I paid dearly for and the other two I received for doing a little web consulting. Since painting some Foundry Judge Dredd figures a while ago, I’ve been getting into painting loud costumes and […]

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Carnage 2011

I recently attended Carnage on the Lake in Eastern Vermont.  It’s the only real convention in my home state and the only one that under three hours of driving.  There seems to be some sort of family emergency or sickness (once ended up with a 2 year old in the hospital the day before) that […]

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