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I’m Kickstarting a Miniature Range

I’m not sure everyone knows, but I’m kickstarting a miniature range called Crossover Miniatures.  I’ve got a fantastic sculptor, Soapy Dormer, who is immensly talented with lots of great ideas.  We’ve come up with some greens to show off on our kickstarter page.  I just wanted to get the message out there to anyone who reads this blog, as I’ve hit every other message board and way of getting the news out that I know of.  Kickstarter projects all follow a patter where you start off with the backers rolling in, followed by a long middle stretch where it’s quite, then a final flow of backers at the projects finish.  There’s all kinds of other stats like, if you get 30% of your funding, you’re 90% likely to get funded.  I could go on and on, but anyway, I don’t like being in the quite middle stretch.  🙂

Check us out through the widget!

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Reaper Supers

I’ve been on a bit of a Super Hero kick for a while now, it’s just that I’ve been so busy on other things that I haven’t had a chance to post these pics.  I haven’t even painted for about three weeks now and that hasn’t happened since my twin daughters were newly born, I could  barely stay awake or remember my name then.

Anyway, not quite back in the saddle, but these guys were sitting on my painting table languishing for a while  so I took some photos and I wanted to get them on the blog.  I even broke out the light box, which I haven’t used in ages.  They are all Reaper models from the Chronoscope range.  I really wish they made it easier to find their super hero figures as not all come up when you search for them, but high quality figures none the less.  Lots of fun to paint, hope you like them.