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Settlers Defending (2)


This is my second group of Settlers Defending from the Galloping Major.  His figures continue to get better and better.  I enjoyed painting these guys even more than I enjoyed painting the last lot.  The addition of the vests added a lot of detail and interest into the figures.  I really like the way they look as a group.

Along with this lot I have painted one of the “Soldiers Free” miniatures. This lad is supposed to be suitable ambiguous so you can use him for many different roles.  I’ve got him painted as an older civic leader who’s dusted off his old uniform to lead the settlers on a mission to rescue their women, or something like that.    I really like the figure and the look of determination on is tiny little 28mm face.

Just another great group of figures to paint an look at.  Here they are in close ups.

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Judges (3)

This is my third set of Judges and they just keep getting more fun to paint.  These are some of the most over-the-top figures I’ve painted yet.  I mean the badge on the SJS Judge is rediculous, but for some reason with Judge Dredd around, it doesn’t seem to phase me.

This group also contains a Brit-Cit Judge.  Most folks that I have seen seem to paint him to fit in with the Mega City Judges, but I wanted to keep him true to the comics and paint him with his equipment in a funny blue-green color.  I think I missed the exact color, but at least you can tell that I tried.  I also like the effects on the yellow shoulder pad that I kept true to the picture I was working from.

Overall, a fun little group to paint.  The Wargames Foundry prices are simply out of site and while I love painting them, I really have to question my commitment to finishing the group, $20 for three figures is up there in the prices and the shipping is harsh as well.  The best place to get them in the US that I have found is the War Store.

I’ve had a request for the photos I’ve based my Brit-Cit Judge on.  Here are three photos I have, two from Judge Dredd Magazine, and the third I found on the web through a Google search.  I suppose it could be the comics aging, but they are consistent.  I’d love to see images from other comics if anyone has them.






I’ve got some more lovely Judge figures on the way.  Based on a blog that I read, sho3box, I have ordered the Dark Judges.  You can see some of his work here.  Now the Foundry Dark Judge set only comes with three of the Dark Judges out of four.  So I found Judge Fear from the Heroclix range and ordered him to fill the fourth slot.  Apparently the same sculptor created all four of the models, so I’m told he’ll fit in.

Painting and rebasing HeroClix models is quite common in the super hero circles, but this will be the first time that I’ve attempted to do it.  So here is Judge Fear in all his prepainted glory.  Tomorrow he gets a bath in green stuff to try and remove as much prepaint as I can before I primer him.  Wish me luck.

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Settlers Defending (1)

These guys are the first of my Anglo American Settlers from Galloping Major Wargames.  There is another pack on my painting table as I write this.  This group is all in shirt sleeves with a mottly looking assortment of equipment.

The vast majority of the encounters in the FIW were border skirmishes between Indians and settlers.  The natives tended to head south, get close to a settlement and lay in wait.  Before the sun came up, they pounced on the isolated cabins, stole who and what they could, fired the rest and headed for home.

I live about 30 miles from the dreaded Missisquoi Abenaki settlement that was a major staging point for Indian raids.  So these lads might have been my neighbors in a different life.

I think these figures fill a great place in games scenarios.  There’s another pack available that I’ve already mentioned and some concept sketches for a third pack on the Galloping Major’s Blog.  I look forward to seeing all of them on the table lending support to the Rangers and Regulars or defending some log cabins.

Here are the close-ups.