Settlers Defending (2)


This is my second group of Settlers Defending from the Galloping Major.  His figures continue to get better and better.  I enjoyed painting these guys even more than I enjoyed painting the last lot.  The addition of the vests added a lot of detail and interest into the figures.  I really like the way they look as a group.

Along with this lot I have painted one of the “Soldiers Free” miniatures. This lad is supposed to be suitable ambiguous so you can use him for many different roles.  I’ve got him painted as an older civic leader who’s dusted off his old uniform to lead the settlers on a mission to rescue their women, or something like that.    I really like the figure and the look of determination on is tiny little 28mm face.

Just another great group of figures to paint an look at.  Here they are in close ups.

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One Response to Settlers Defending (2)

  1. Lance Cawkwell December 29, 2012 at 5:05 pm #

    First time I’ve seen this batch Rusti, they’ve come out great, really like your colour choices.


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