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Fixing Up My Musketeer Miniatures

I have been quite taken with the Musketeer Miniatures line of figures for the Very British Civil War, they are one of only maybe two or three people out there making figures specifically for this somewhat unique setting.  They are sculpted by Paul Hicks and quite simple to paint.  My only problem so far has been the great amount of flash and mold lines and a somewhat high amount of damaged or broken weapons.  I’ve ordered seven packs so far and have four broken rifles and pistols.  Now, Gripping Beast has been superb in taking care of what I have reported to them (only one of the failures) but I’ve decided I will take care of the rest myself.  Here are my results so far.

First I ordered some IRA and BUF figures, I discovered a broken BUF rifle and they replaced it with a new pack.  When the new pack came, it had a broken rifle.  Then I finally found time to paint the IRA and when I had a good look at the models that I ordered at the same time as the original BUF, they had a broken rifle!

Pin Vice - handy to have around

So, now I had three broken rifles to fix.  I broke out the pin vice and drilled a hole as close to the center of the rifles that I could, I went in just a few millimeters.  I have some brass tubing that I bought a while ago for some VSF stuff.  It’s not very big, about twice the size of a paper clip, but it’s hollow.  I cut a length of that and popped it in the hole.

Then here’s what they looked like then.

I really liked how this turned out.  Now this doesn’t look like any gun that I’ve ever seen, but at table distance, it passes muster beautifully.  Here are all three of the lads with their new rifles.

And here are a couple of the lads with a coat of paint on them.

I think the operation was a success!  It’s pretty rewarding to save a model or two.  This was a great lead in to my next hard luck case.  I just ordered some more British regulars and this time I ordered some officers and NCO’s to lead the troops.  One of the officers came with a broken pistol and looked a bit funny.  Our came the pin vice and super glue again!  This time I only put a piece of paper clip in as the pistol barrel is much smaller than the rifle barrels.  Here he is pre-painted.  I wish I had used a longer piece of paper clip, but I’ll live with it.

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