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Judge Death and Judge Mortis – Dark Judges (1)

I have been eying these models for a long time, but never really got around to ordering them.  That is until I saw the awesome work going on over at Sho3box, he’s done a fantastic job showing off his work on various Judge Dredd models.  It gave me the inspiration and push I needed to make a go of it.

These models were pretty intimidating for me as a Judge Dredd fan. I leaned heavily on the paint schemes used by Sho3box but added a lot of my own opinions to the colors.

I’m not sure if they will ever see a games table, but they were a lots of fun to paint.

I’ve also made quite a bit of progress on Judge Fire who will be appearing soon with Fear.

One thought on “Judge Death and Judge Mortis – Dark Judges (1)

  1. I am glad that what I painted helped you to lock down your colour scheme.

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂

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