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Judge Fire and Judge Fear – Dark Judges (2)

This is the second round of Dark Juges.  I really like the Judge Fire figure but the Judge Fear figure leaves me a little cold.  I wasn’t really inspired while working on it and it shows  I think.  I tried to strip the paint from Clix figure but that didn’t work, so I just primed it and painted right on top of the old thick paint job.  As a result, there wasn’t much detail to work with and the figure didn’t even fit together properly.  On the other hand I’m very happy with Judge Fire and he was a cracking figure to work with.

I wanted to talk a little about painting Judge Fire because he caused me the most hesitation.  Painting fire is something I have never been able to do very well.  I’m really happy with the way that the flames turned out this time.

I have painted another figure with a flaming skull and I’m not happy with the way that he turned out, but I have to say that I very well may go back and repaint that part of him, something I’ve never done before.  My inspiration for this project was the great work done over at the Sho3box blog.  When I asked him how he painted the fire on Judge Fire he showed me a tutorial which he used, it turns out I was familiar with it.  I had previously tired it with DISASTROUS results, so I had to come up with another way to do it.  Here was my method, I hope it helps someone.

I started off with a base coat of white.  This helps to make the bright comic book colors even brighter.  Then I painted all the flames bright red.

So next I wet brushed on some orange.  What I mean by wet-brushing is, I pop a dollop of orange onto my painting tray, don’t water it down.  Then I put an OLD brush in and wipe it across a paper towel ONCE to remove some paint. Then I swipe over the red as if I was dry brushing, but there is still quite a bit of paint on the brush.  What you are hoping for is that the paint lands on all of the raised surfaces and some of the recesses.  Kind of a ‘reverse wash’ effect.

Once this was done, I painted all of the white surfaces black.  I knew I’ll have major touch ups to do, but this will make sure I won’t have to work so hard when I do them and I won’t have as many nooks and crannys to get my brush into in the final touching up.  So, now he looks like this.

Now it’s time for another wet-brushing, but this time with bright yellow.  I really tried to make sure that I fully covered the base of each flame where it touched the body.  As this is the last coat of paint on the flames, this took the most time as when I finished this coat, the flames would be finished and there would be no more opportunities to cover any mistakes.

Now it’s time to clean up the effects of all that dry brushing.  Not a tough task thanks to putting down the base layer of black earlier.  Here’s the final look of Judge Fire before I put some final highlights the burnt and crispy bits.

A fairly simple technique that more basic painters like myself can pull off for some reasonable fire effects.


2 thoughts on “Judge Fire and Judge Fear – Dark Judges (2)

  1. Nice work and a cool tutorial, more or less the opposite of the technique that I used interestingly enough.

    Fire looks great, the best of the four I reckon.

    Its a pity that Foundry never made a Fire figure. Maybe Mongoose will make one fore the Judge Dredd Miniature Games some time in the future.

    Got any more judges in the pipeline?

  2. I’m thinking the foreign Judges next, then maybe the Chief Judges? That could be the end of it then though. I’m not really into the rest of the packs enough to justify the EXTREMELY HIGH COST of the Foundry stuff.

    Then I should have enough painted to work on my Judgement Day project, provided you ever get done with your Rules! 🙂

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