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Cangames, New Buildings, and a Bad Guy

So I’ve been slow in posting things recently due to life in general.  I’ve still been plugging away at my painting, it’s just that I’m not posting it as soon as it’s finished.  It’s mostly due to putting too many things on the painting table.  Unless I have I current project and ONLY one other project primed and ready, I tend to get discouraged and loose momentum.

Here are a few things I’ve been working on/doing.

Sarissa Precision Buildings

These things are freakin’ awesome!  I have been watching them on the various forums, people are raving about them, so I ordered a few to spruce up my table.  They come in a great flat pack and are delivered VERY QUICKLY from the UK.  They go together like a dream and more than that, they are fun to put together.  I used only spray paint to paint this one and I think it’s turned out great.  I have 6 more to go, so more about them later.

Bad Guy from Pulp City

I’m not a huge fan of the Pulp City style of miniatures and the price of them has kept me away from ever trying them.  But when I decided to start my own Super Hero miniatures line, I thought I better get a couple to show comparison shots.  So this guy is the one I picked.

CanGames in Ottawa

I never miss a chance to go to Canada, I may be the biggest Canophile in the US.  When I saw there was a convention in Ottawa that I would be able to make where they would be playing Lasalle, I jumped on it.  I’m originally a historical gamer and I really like the rules put out by Sam Mustafa, he seems to know what I like in rules before I do.  But I live in a Historical gaming desert, so if I want to play I have to travel. So up at 4:15 and on the road to Ottawa, about 4 hours from my home in Northern Vermont.

My first game was a Borodino game of French vs. Russian.  We played an assault on the great redoubt, and I controlled the infantry on the far right of the line.  It was a fun experience and I really enjoyed my first live run through of Lasalle.  It’s simply elegant and works well and I was excited to finally be playing them.

I thought my next game was going to be a Lasalle game from the war of 1812, this would have been something close to Nirvana for me as I’m very interested in all of the early American wars from the horse and musket era.  Unfortunately it was not meant to be.  First the guy running the game showed up and setup a different rule set and just hands us four pages of scenario to read.  Then informs us he didn’t have a chance to play the scenario through with Lasalle, so we’ll be using Rockets Red Glare, which he heard “was easy to us” so we’d be “learning together” during the game.  He’d never played this rule set either!!!  Then to top it off, my team mates (we played the Americans) decide to not divvy up the units, but to make all decisions by committee since our side was arriving piecemeal.  ugh…  From bad to worse.  I was never able to get invested in the game and as a result didn’t become involved in the decisions.  Pretty much a poor showing all around, I don’t think the Brit were that into it either, but everyone made more of an effort than I did.  I’m a little bummed I gave up so easily, but I’m blaming it on lack of sleep, but all I could think of once this game unfolded was my long drive home.

I’ll try and make Cangames next year and will most likely bring my family along so they can explore the city while I’m at the convention, that way there is no drive home at the end of it.



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Black and White Zombies (2)

I’ve been aquiring Mantic Zombies for a  while now and somehow they never seem to get to the front of the paint queue.  There always seems something I’d rather be doing.  Mostly, they seem  time consuming for something that will appear in hordes and is really never in center stage.  They are impressive due to numbers rather than individual appearance.  Now this goes against my nature to hurry and paint figures, but I realized they were never going to get done unless I did.

I came to this realization about the same time I found this thread.  Such a wonderful effect for such little effort.  I had to try it and these are the results.  It took VERY LITTLE TIME and I like the effect.  Now, to get the other 60 I have in their new paint jobs.

It’s a simple spray paint with cheap Walmart flat white, then a dip in Minwax Tudor color, two coats of cheap Krylon Matte Acrylic spray paint, and basing them with a golden harvest static grass for that dead and decaying look.  I should be able to crank the rest our in a few nights.