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More 1812 Figures to the Front

I’ve been beavering away for the past few weeks, but with no camera to show progress.  Well, I’ve got the camera back now and here are the fruits of my labors.

A few shots of the beginning of my 21st US Infantry Regiment.  They are coming along nicely, I have 11 painted (5 command still waiting to be based) and after my next order, I’ll have the complete unit.  I debated about he color of the coats for a long time.  I know they should be darker, but I loose so much detail with a dark blue coat and black straps that I just couldn’t do it.  So I have a lighter coat than I should, but I like the overall effect.

Also in the finishing stages is 9 US Infantry Regiment from Scott’s Brigade in the famous grey roundabouts.  I just need a flag now, but that’s in December’s budget.