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Flexible ‘Big Men’ for TFL Games

I’ve been a big fan of Too Fat Lardies for quite some time.  I really like how their games center around ‘Big Men’ and their effect on the battle field.  That being said, I’ve never found a way to mark the Big Men models, for game plays sake, that I’ve been happy with.  Some folks use different sized or shaped bases, but for me that ruins the aesthetic of the model in every other venue except this one game.  I’ve been putting off a solution for a while, but I’ve finally got it figured.

I base my figures on 7/8in steel washers, because I like the size and the ability to use magnates for all kinds of different things.  It just so happens a 7/8in washer fits inside a 30mm round lipped base perfectly.

So you take a few rare earth magnates and super glue them to the bottom of a 30mm round lipped base.

Then you can pop the ‘Big Man’ on it at will and use him in a game.  The next game he might be a regular Joe, or part of a unit on a large square base with 5 other blokes.