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The First French Regulars for the FIW


I’ve just finished up my first French regulars for FIW gaming.  I have been wanting to game the Battle on Snowshoes for quite some time and many of the combatants are regulars.  The main impediment to me was that fact that Galloping Major didn’t make the figures.  After waiting an acceptable amount of time, I took the plunge an bought some of the excellent Front Rank SYW regulars.  Many of the Front Rank FIW figures are real stinkers, but most of their ranges are excellent.

What I really wanted was a unit or two of French Marines, so I made the decision to paint these guys as French Marines, but they were wearing bayonets instead of hatchets and gaiters rather than leggings.  So I painted them as the very active regiment Languedoc Infanterie, very close to Marines in appearance so as to be an acceptable stand in until Galloping Major makes some Marines.  Once that happens, they will jump over to the role of regulars.  A great solution I think.




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