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Recently my painting pace has slowed, but with a great reason.  I listen to The D6 Generation while I paint (I highly recommend them for some great entertainment even if you don’t play the games they talk about (which I don’t)).  One of the games they talked about a lot was Carcassonne, and their wives […]

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Yorkers, Spartans, or Romans?

I was trying out a few different eras/wars to see what sparked my interest in January.  I have usually been doing a lot of painting when this happens, and I start to loose a little interest in the current project.  It’s a month later now and I’m back in the saddle with AWI now, but […]

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Stick with the Red Coats

As I near completion of my Saratoga Campaign project, I have been getting itchy feet for a new period.  I will not abandon AWI, but would like to expand my painting to cover two periods at once.  I don’t really fancy going back to 7YW yet as it still fills the same niche for me […]

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