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The First English Commanders

These were the first commanders I made for the units.  I decided to go with a 3cm round base, as the unit bases are 3cm x 6cm.  I use litko 3mm wooden bases, and I’m very happy with them.   Many people use thinner bases for aesthetics, but I choose to go with a chunkier base so the models could be picked up easily.  I don’t think it hurts the aesthetics, but that’s a personal opinion.

I also went with two officers on a base, so they weren’t over crowded.  One of these bases is a generic general with blue facings that can do duty in any game.  The other base is Frasier from the 24th Regiment of Foot.  I choose him for one of the first as he can be used most of the Saratoga games.

I plan to continue painting certain personalities along with generic commanders to keep things flexible.  At 6mm, and during the AWI, it’s not hard to make swapable commanders.  In the SYW when commanders are much more identifiable, this was more of a problem.

These models are the same SYW Genrals from Baccus, so I have painted a few before.  There are differences between Commanders and Generals in the rules, only one General per side.  I thought about putting Generals on larger bases, perhaps 4cm round, but I have decided against it as it will limit their utility.  For instance, Frasier is the General at Hubbardton, but only a commander at Freeman’s Farm.

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Patriot Militia

This is the first post exclusively in the new blog software.  I have to say that this WordPress stuff is fantastic.  I do miss the total control that I had previously excecised, but I’ll give that up for the ease I have now.

Here is my first unit of Patriot Milita.  They were a joy to paint.  I really enjoyed mixing up the colors and found it broke up some of the monotony of painting large units.  I think the end result is pretty cool.

The flag is a Baccus Grand Union flag.  I used this flag as I have one hanging from my house.  I have always liked this flag and find it useful as my wife is British and the flag is a nice combination of  US and UK flag.  It is the first official flag of the Colonies, but was quickly dropped.  It seems a great place to start for Militia flags, as they can be almost anything.  It also allows me to use this unit for Patriot or Loyalist units due to the ambiguity of it.

If you are a painter and an American, I don’t think you can help but feel a little pride in painting patriot militia units.  I think it’s pretty amazing to think that these farmers and tradesmen formed up to oppose a great European power.  You kind of come to this realization as you are trying to pick out colors to use that DON’T look like uniform colors.

Good stuff, and I’m happy with the results.

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24th Regiment of Foot

I have finally painted my first real Brits. I decided to paint up the 24th Foot. This unit allows me to get going with my first battle, Hubbardton, and still use them in the rest of the Saratoga Campaign. I found the Baccus British Line Infantry – Tricorne, Formed AWB1, to be great models painted up. However I also found them to be the toughest to paint so far. Now this is still a compliment, it’s just the bar is raised so high by the great models from Baccus. They just seem to take more twisting and turning to get the paint in all the right spots, compared to the patriot infantry I have painted so far. Still, they look great on the table.

24th Regiment of Foot

I made the flags for these guys myself. I typically order some Baccus flags at the beginning of a project to get the size right, then create my own from online sources after that. I used images from the British Regimental Drums & Colours site,(a great resource) popped them in Photoshop and then reduced them at 300 dpi to .75 in x .35 in. I also found the flag staffs on the British Line Infantry to be too short, much shorter than the patriot units I have painted.

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The 2nd New Hampshire

After receiving my first new AWI troops from Baccus, I wanted an easy first unit, enter the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment. These guys are the bog standard patriot unit. Their appearance is well documented and their flags can still be photographed live. I really like the way they turned out and think the unit is a great start for my patriot forces. Best of all, they fought at Hubbardton, Freeman’s Farm, and Bemis Heights. So they are really a perfect unit of me.

Anyway, here they are in all their glory.

The 2nd New Hampshire

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Slap on the Paint

I forgot to mention another great thing about the American War of Independence. It’s almost completely an infantry war. I hate tanks and have never painted a horse and enjoyed it. I have three forces painted for WW2 and nary a tank in them. I think there is less of the rock, paper, scissors dynamic with the mostly infantry forces involved. That should leave battles to be decided by maneuver instead of hardware.

I eased myself into the new period by painting some figures from my old period. I had enough Prussians sitting around for a unit of Brunswickers from the Saratoga campaign. They are the same figures in the Baccus catalog. They had already been undercoated, so I started to do some research on the proper colors. This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. The AWI suffers from a lack of definitive information on unit uniforms and many other specifics. I did manage to find ONE site that had a few very low resolution images of Brunswick uniforms. I got the proper colors and slapped up the first unit.

I used the figures for three of my old units to make the first AWI unit, the Brunswick Musketeer Regiment Von Riedsel. A basic blue coat, white pants uniform that I have painted hundreds of times. This unit had yellow turnbacks, which I dislike because they don’t show up well against the flesh color. In 6mm you want some contrast. I am hoping these guys will do double duty as Hessians when I leave the Saratoga campaign. Let’s see if I ever finish it before I get carried away!

Then it was on to ordering some new troops and references for myself. I dropped by the site, which I must add is very utilitarian and in need of modernizing. It seems to be optimized for 800×600 pixel screens despite the “best viewed on 1024×769” disclaimer at the bottom. I just want to say that I can’t say enough good things about Baccus and Pete is a GREAT guy and his products are AMAZING despite the antiquated site. It did receive a much needed shopping cart recently, which any serious web company needs, if things are difficult for people to use, they will go elsewhere. People are lazy, pure and simple.

Back to the ordering. FIrst up, some Patriot forces. I ordered a militia unit and a continental line unit to get the ball rolling. I plan to order three patriot units and when those are finished, then three evil empire units. I have found that if I have a great deal of lead around, I get bored and stop painting for months at a time. So small, manageable units is the way to go for me.