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Hubbardton Scenario Released

Now that the April Fools is through, on with business.

I just posted the newest scenario in the downloads section.  It’s a simple little Hubbardton scenario.  The battle was fairly staight forward and so is the scenario.

I would like to make a plea for feedback on these scenarios.  Even something as simple as spelling/grammar errors.  I don’t think it’s to much to ask to drop a quick comment on this post if you like/dislike them or anything really.   If there isn’t any feedback soon, I will stop posting them due to lack of interest.

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First Scenarios Up

I have created the first two of my eventual Saratoga Campaign scenarios. You can find them at the downloads page.  Please go there and check them out.  Download as much as you like.

I would only ask that if you either enjoy them or have a suggestion, please leave a comment here to that effect.  I am putting these up as a litmus for my next three scenarios.  I’d hate to write more if there is something I could do better.

Thanks and enjoy.


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Where to begin?

Thanks for dropping by to check out my work. Most good stories start at the beginning, so here we go.

I have a previous blog having to do with getting into a new period, the SYW. I learned a lot about the SYW during that time, but perhaps most surprising, I found that I really enjoyed the web design. If you look through the site, you will see the design become more focused near the end. I went on to read A LOT about HTML, CSS, PHP, and a number of other web technologies since then. I even started a somewhat successful (some may argue) web design business for game related businesses, called Yes, it’s dot net, not com (everyone gets it wrong).

I started painting very young with GW stuff, and eventually fell out of gaming all together. After the birth of my daughter I was looking for something relaxing to do during the long nights at home, as we couldn’t go anywhere for a while. I started to paint with the old GW models again and quickly ran out of money! I figured there had to be more out there for me. I found BF and FOW through their large online community. I loved the smaller scale, moving from 28mm down to 15mm, but I soon became disenfranchised with the whole arrangement of a set of rules designed to sell models. The price of the models also began to rise as the new LW rules also dropped points so you could field even more models (and the company sold more models for each force.) I figured again that their must be something else out there for me.


I discovered a scale called 6mm about this time. Now I had never thought about something this small before, but you could get a whole whack of models for a pretty reasonable price. I found Baccus Miniatures online and had a great look around. I ordered some samples, gave them a go and whey-hey, I was satisfied. I needed a period to cover, and I wanted something different. I was tired of green and brown from my WWII experience, so I looked at the 18th century. I knew enough about Napoleonics to stay away from it. That left the SYW, with all of it’s pageantry, for me to take a look at. It looked like a challenge, and that’s what I wanted. I also was a fan of Sam Mustafa’s Grande Armee rules and he had just released Might and Reason for the SYW. So great period, great rules, and great figures, it’s a go. That lead to the SYW6mm site, which was good fun for a while. I then became the proud father of two more girls at the same time. Now, having twins is not conducive to any kind of free time, and I haven’t picked up a brush from the day they were born.

Now, after 6 months, I have the odd 15-30minutes every day or three with which to choose what I do. I wanted to try something new as I had hit a point in my SYW stuff where I could use a change, it was becoming a bit monotonous. Too many blue coats I presume. Also, I had enough experience with 6mm to know what I wanted to do next time (doesn’t that always happen?).

I knew I wanted to document this in a blog as well, as it helps to slow my painting pace so my finances can catch up with the lead purchases. But this blog I wanted to be a little less focused. For instance, I will speak my mind this time around, as I tried to keep the old blog all business.

I knew what I wanted in the new period:

  • greater variety in my painting
  • more figures in a unit
  • less obscure period for me

Two for Tea?

2 For Tea
2 For Tea

It was perfect timing for Two for Tea to enter my life. I was reading the newly-back-online Wargames Journal site and found an article with some stunning 6mm figures from the American War of Independence. Bob Barniston wrote a warmaster variant for the AWI and it looked simple and fast, two things I like. I moved to New England three years ago, so there are many AWI sites within a days drive, in fact the entire Saratoga campaign took place within a three hour drive from me!! Very exciting, as I plan to visit the sites this summer. Check for less obscure period. Now Bob used the standard 20mm x 40mm warmaster bases with 16 figures on a base. I plan to use 30mm x 60mm for my bases and pack 24 figures on a base. For 72 figure units, so check for bigger units. The AWI also offers a wide variety of units to paint, as there were a wide variety of unit types fighting wearing just about anything. There is also quite a bit of leeway for me in my painting which is what I didn’t want before, but now felt I was ready for. So greater variety in my painting, check!