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Hubbardton Scenario Released

Now that the April Fools is through, on with business. I just posted the newest scenario in the downloads section.  It’s a simple little Hubbardton scenario.  The battle was fairly staight forward and so is the scenario. I would like to make a plea for feedback on these scenarios.  Even something as simple as spelling/grammar […]

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First Scenarios Up

I have created the first two of my eventual Saratoga Campaign scenarios. You can find them at the downloads page.  Please go there and check them out.  Download as much as you like. I would only ask that if you either enjoy them or have a suggestion, please leave a comment here to that effect.  […]

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Where to begin?

Thanks for dropping by to check out my work. Most good stories start at the beginning, so here we go. I have a previous blog having to do with getting into a new period, the SYW. I learned a lot about the SYW during that time, but perhaps most surprising, I found that I really […]

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