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6mm PaperTerrain

I have been a big fan of PaperTerrain for a long while. I have built a large number of 15mm buildings and recently really gotten into building more terrain for my 6mm stuff. Building are the next thing to be addressed for my table.

I acquired some European town and Ste. Mere Eglise Church (of WW2 fame) sets to feature in my VSF, AWI and SYW games. I’m not really too particular about making it as versatile as possible. I find that the first few buildings come out pretty slow, but my speed increased dramatically as I built a few more. Now, they are very quick to pop together and I think the effect, bang for buck, is incredible.

I built these in an evening when I was away at a conference. I then mounted the little ones on a 60mm square base and the large church on a chopped up clipboard. Here’s the process from there:

  • Put down a layer of glue, stick the destroyed building to the base.
  • Waited for it to dry.
  • Put a glue and water layer over the rest of the base, then sprinkled sand to stick.
  • Then I painted a layer of brown earth tone paint over the sand. I use CHEAP hobby stuff from Joanne Fabrics and add water to thin it. I find that it is eagerly soaked up by the sand so thin is fine.
  • Then again with a layer of glue and water, then sprinkle on static grass.
  • Spray multiple times with matte sealer and your done

I think the results are great, here judge for yourself. At gaming distance, these are real gems.

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Getting Ready for Lobositz

I have been painting 6mm Seven Years War figures for a number of years now and recently reached my goal of having enough troops painted to play the Might and Reason scenarios of Lobositz and Kolin. The next order of business was building the terrain so I could recreate those two battles. I think I’ve finally got the terrain ready for the games as well.

Here is my table ready to host a Lobositz game.

I have been slowly creating the hills, forests and towns over the past few months. The rivers and trees are recent acquisitions, but I really like them. They are a bit large for 6mm, but I wanted to be able to see them and fit a unit on it in column. The things we have to fudge to meld accuracy and gamability.

I have also included a few shots of the Austrian left to give some idea of what the battle holds.

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Making Your Own Wargaming Hills

I have wanted to do this for years, but haven’t had the necessary tools and have refused to pay the price for high end hobby tools to do the job. Inspired by AJ’s Wargaming blog I finally decided to try my hand at crafting my own hills.

I first made my own wire cutter with instructions I found on the web from pvc pipe and a model railroad transformer. This was a disaster, it worked sort of but wouldn’t hold temp for anything useful. Next I saw someone on TMP said they used a hot knife from Harbor Freight. So I ordered one of those and gave it a go. I have middling results as I have to make the cuts in one go, as it’s not capable of fine work and very much custom shaping.

I used 1 1/2 inch pink foam insulation, covered with brown paint from ACE and then Woodland Scenics static grass flock. I like the results, now I’m stuck on the last step of the process, insuring that the grass can take a beating. If you have any suggestions, please let me know

The following is my attempt at hills. I assure the hills are flat underneath, it’s the ground that is undulating, giving the impression that the ground and hills don’t meet.

Please comment with any advice you may have to improve the process.

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Making an Easy to Setup Field

I was organizing the table the other day and noticed that setting up a simple field could be tedious. I thought I would try my hand at making a self-contained field that I could easily flip on the table and go with.

I started with a bog standard clip board.

  • Cut off the clip
  • Spray paint it brown
  • I cut a piece of corduroy to size. Leaving about an inch on all sides.
  • I used spray adhesive to spay the painted clipboard and carefully laid the corduroy in place
  • When dry, I “painted” a glue-water mixture on the edges and added sand on top for texture.
  • Paint the sand brown
  • Add the split rail fencing
  • Paint on glue-water mixture, sprinkle on static grass
  • Final coat of Krylon Matte
  • Sounds like a lot, but each step goes really fast and I did it in between painting other things. I think I’d like about four of these to sling on the table at a moments notice.

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Fall in New England and 6mm Trees

It’s fall in New England and the trees are starting to change. It’s my favorite time of year, I suffer through summer just to get to fall. The main battles of the Saratoga Campaign happened around this time of year, with Freeman’s Farm on Sept 19th and Bemis Heights on Oct 4th. I finally got around to basing up some fall trees for my table. Not to many as I only really have access to one “fall color” of tree with the trees I use, but it really matches the foliage outside my window at the moment. Here’s a couple of shots of them on the table.

They are Model Power 1.75″-3.7?5″ trees.

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New Terrain Mat

I just recieved my new terrain mat from   It seems ok, I’ll write more about it later, but I have been wanting to post some pictures of figures that weren’t just on display.  Here are some figures as they would appear in the wild.  They are larger than the pictures that I usually post as they are greater in scope and need to be, so be aware of that if looking at them on a slow connection.

In Front of the Farm

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First Ever Attempt At Terrain

First House Ever
First House Ever

Ok, don’t laugh at me, but I have had my first ever try and creating some terrain.  These are PaperTerrain 6mm European Buildings, and they are fantastic.  I have built quite a bit of 15mm stuff for my previous WW2 project.  The 6mm stuff is quite a bit easier to build as it’s not as detailed.  I literally built these while sitting on the couch while my wife watched Supernanny.  They build fast and look great on the table.  They are also VERY sturdy when glued to a base.

I took more pictures than this, but they were terribly out of focus.   This picture has a stand placed infront to show scale, but I’m not happy with the depth of field.   I will take more and put them up.  I want to show the destroyed buildings that come with every PaperTerrain building, just pull off the outside layer and reveal the destroyed building below.