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Killer B – Fantastic Flash Gordon Types

I really like the retro space style of these guys.

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Great VSF Stuff

  This is a great little VSF Dragonfly-mobile.

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Neo-Sovs and Zombies WIP

I have been dying to start this new project for a while now and the near wrap up (2 months away) of my FIW extravaganza is around the corner.  These are my first test models for a “The Dead of Winter”. Some Copplestone Neo-Sovs that will serve as the troops of The People’s Free City […]

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Random Musings

This is a list of things I’ve had swimming around in my mind that I can’t tell to anyone else buy you as they wouldn’t understand it. Historical vs. Points Based I listen to a lot of podcasts, mostly divided between Web Design and gaming. Sometimes I choose a podcast because I find the host(s) […]

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To Hill or Not to Hill

I want to say that of course I know it’s a matter of choice, but I’d like to know what people are thinking. I’m finally getting my table ready to game on after 5 years of painting in various periods. I’ve always wanted to build terrain and things, but never seemed like it was time […]

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Sharp Practice 6mm Test Models

I am currently nearing a finish on a three year old Kolin project and am starting to itch for new horizons.  I have wanted to get into Napoleonics but was intimidated by the uniforms for years.  Then I overcame that and couldn’t find the models that I liked.  My favorite manufacturer isn’t coming out with […]

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A Change of Focus

I have decided to expand this blog and in doing so, have made a few technical changes.  It was originally intended to be a Seven Years War blog, hence the part of the URL.  But, my focus changed between buying the domain and starting the blog.  Well, I’ve gotten back into SYW and added […]

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Game Size

Megagame – A term used by H.G. Wells upon the invention of recreational wargaming, as documented by his chums. It usually means a larger than usual game that contains many participants. Usually a game that requires many participants to collections to pull off. There, now it’s official.

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Long Time – No post

I haven’t been posting for a while due to a few different things. lack of reader interest (not you though, cause you’re reading this) Crazy pace of real life at the moment Revived interest in my first 6mm passion, the Seven Years War I have been painting up troops for Might and Reason like it’s […]

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Litko Frustration

I am looking for a new base provider.  I placed an order with Litko Aerosystems, Inc. on the 9th of April.  It is now the 28th and after an email to customer service (which was very polite and informative on their part) I find out that it may take four weeks to ship, then there’s […]

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