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New Project: VSF vs. Alien Invasion with Zombie Rules

I’ve been waiting a long time for a package to arrive recently and that has brought a long time reading message boards/blogs and surfing miniature companies. This has lead me to expand the number of sources that I read on a regular basis. One of the new additions to the daily check is the Lead Adventures forum. I have been a staunch TMP reader and contributor for quite some time, but finding Lead Adventures has been a real eye opener. It is what TMP could be if photos were allowed (come to the 21st century with the rest of us) the posters were generally friendly rather than grumpy. What a revelation it’s been, the sheer amount of eye candy and inspiration that it’s brought to me is fantastic.

OK, this lead me to the Lead Adventure miniatures line, which is VSF and Post-Apocalyptic. I have been looking for an excuse to get into 28mm and VSF for some time, and “BLAM” here it is. I have ordered a couple of blisters of the VSF stuff and am awaiting it’s arrival.

Through the LAF, I have also discovered a simple little set of Zombie Survivor rules called Akula’s AR:SE that seem fantastic. They are simple and allow solo play almost without any modification. So, score. But I’m not really a zombie guy, hmmm….

If not zombies, then who? Well, I’ve been eying the Zombismith Grey Aliens for even longer than VSF. So, why not have the zombies created by aliens? So problem settled then.

So, this will be a small side project to the current F&IW project. I have some pretty modest goals with it. There are a few things left to settle though. Do I use zombies? I have a thread started where I’m seeking advice and there are some great options there. One of the things that I do know is that I will be replacing the zombie hordes, large slow moving masses of zombies that can’t be destroyed but spawn zombies, with flying saucers. I have already purchased a cool little model kit for these.

So this one looks to be a lot of fun and no research. Oh, who am I kidding, I’ll probably find a way to do some research somehow.

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Maximillian Ready For Play

I started this guy a while ago, but became discouraged as I assembled him, then quickly dropped it twice. The second time loosing the newly repaired arm into a dark unknown corner of my basement where I prime models. He sat for at least three weeks while I looked at him once in a while and tried to figure out what my next move was. Then it dawned on me.

I have been experimenting with adding parts to models to make them more “steam-y” lately. I have some small brass rods that I might be able to fashion into a multi-barrel weapon suitable for this model. But how to make it fit with the rest of the model. A long, long while ago I bought some green stuff (two part self curing resin) as I always read about it on others blogs but had never tried it. I never really had a need, but thought it might be handy to have around. I was pretty hand with a sculpting tool in college, not good enough to get a job doing it mind, but better than the average Joe. This seemed like the perfect job for trying my hand at creating something with green stuff.

I first snipped four short lengths of brass rod, glued two side by side with super glue. The glued two more directly on top of those two, so I had four barrels in a square shape. I then broke off some greenstuff and worked it in my fingers, then formed it around one end of the rods and squared it off on the table top for a blocky shoulder piece. Once it cured, I pinned it to the model and waited. Once dry, another coat of primer and I was ready to paint the bugger. I think it came out alright. You can see the arm I manufactured on the left here, circled in red. You can see the model in it’s original form with the very cool, but now missing, gun arm at the older post.

I’ve taken some more photos and a few with my newly minted Prussian foot sloggers for some scale. I really like this model and will most likey get another one or two some day.

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Big Robots and Little Men

I really wanted some big fantastical robots for my VSF project. They will really fill the role of tanks for the Prussians, but finding something appropriate in 6mm is NOT easy. I have toyed with making my own for some time, but I’m not really good at that. So, after about a year of looking, I think I found my robot.

I saw the Maximilian model on the Tobsen77 site and really thought it looked perfect for my vision of VSF. I didn’t know how big it really was but I thought I’d just order one and see, as I was ordering the tanks anyway. When it arrived, it looked like this. It came in a bag full of pieces, I went to the Tobsen77 website to see how it fit together. I took a little bit of looking, but I figured it out.

I was really intimidated by having to cut off the tags on each piece. I had never worked with resin before, but after starting, it was quite easy. I bought a small hand saw after email Tobsen77 about how to remove it, and I have a small round file around for flash anyway. Between the two I was able to cut off the tabs and smooth it out very easily. Here is the before and after.

I started gluing it together and I liked it more and more as it took shape. I must be getting a little carried away with the rare earth magnates, as I drilled holes and added two so the top of the robot swivels. All in all, it took a little time and effort to construct the final Maximillian, but I like the end result. I may add another at some future order from Tobsen77, there will definitely be more orders.

Here are the final pics before he goes to painting, and some perspective pics of the model next to a stand of infantry. I have already had one mishap with the figure. The arm joints are very small and dainty, I was worried about them once I had glued them. If there is a weak point on the model it’s the elbows. I went to put it on the paint shelf and dropped Max on a concrete floor, breaking the gun elbow. I drilled a hole in the gun and the arm and with a small bent copper pipe, replaced it. It’s not quite as snazzy, but it’s not in an obvious place. I’ll show it in the next set of pictures.


I had to add a little note that it might be a while before the finished product is seen on this one. I don’t normally drop things I’m working on and when I do it’s no big deal. I usually pick them up and maybe bend it back into place a little. I seem to have dropped this model twice and both times suffered huge damage. The first time I broke one arm, that I replaced with a bit of copper tube. The second time I broke both arms and lost one of them, never to be found. That really sucks. I have to figure something out for that arm and until I do, I can’t finish it. Here’s what he looks like now. It’s a great model, but perhaps a little to delicate for gaming?

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Martian Troop Test Models

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want my Martian uniforms to look like for my VSF project.  I have two martian factions aligned with either Britain or Prussia.  For the Prussian faction, they are primarily a puppet Kingdom supported by the Prussians.  They are a once great Empire that now has to depend on foreigners to pay the bills and supply the army with modern weaponry.  But I have struggled to decide on what color the uniforms should be.  I created these test models to help me decide.

This is a shocking orange and yellow uniform that currently holds my fancy.  I only painted one blanket roll as I’m not sure it adds anything to the model.

This is the more usual colonial sidekick uniform.

Here is the more “European Empire” type test model.

Any advice or criticisms welcome.

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VSF Prussian Test Models

I’m on a foray into some Victorian Science Fiction for a nice change from the historical.  I needed some dastardly opponents for my red coated Brits and who better than the Germans right?  Two world wars and one world cup and all that, what what!

What do you think of these?  Are they ready for service on Mars?

Prussian Test Models

I don’t want to use the regular Prussian uniform from the Franco-Prussian War as it doesn’t really do anything for me.  So I have put together my own little colonial uniform for them.  Khaki pants and a light gray tunic.  I can’t decide whether to go with a black helmet as per usual or a helmet with a cover on it (the one in khaki).  Opinions welcome please!