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  1. Hi,
    I am trying to put together 54mm forces for Freemans farm, and am struggling for uniforms for many of the continentals.Having seen your impressive forces in6mm I hoped I might impose upon you for some of your research.

    Could you let me know what colours you painted your patriot forces and why and point me to any good references (I have Luzaders Sratoga about half read)

    Many Thanks


    1. Leigh, this is the guy you want he does what I did, only better and in a more helpful scale to yours. The posts are not categorized, but if you search through Oct, Nov, and Dec you will find all of the Yankee units and his research notes on why he chose the colors he did and quotes from the references.

      Also check out my book reviews category for a basic list of references. The only rules for AWI uniforms are, there are no rules.

      Good luck and feel free to drop a link to any pictures you end up with on the site!

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