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Summer Time and Hubbardton Reenactment

I have been quite quite on the blog for a bit, but that’s because I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling lately.  I started in late June with a  trip to Philidelphia for work, so no time for taking in to many sites.  Then it was off to Quebec City for a fun trip […]

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Wash Experiments – Part 1

In my continuing persuit of better quality for my 28mm models, I’ve taken some advice from a thread I started on TMP.  I’m going to try washing the white basecoat and then drybrushing over that.  I’ve created a grey wash with some paint and Future floor polish that I have from some previous experiments years […]

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First 28mm Historical Figures

I’ve painted a lot of 6mm guys in the same pose, I mean A LOT of 6mm guys in the same pose. It’s time for a bit of a change. I first started painting 28mm “Heroic” sci-fi stuff for a short while before I become interested in historical gaming. I didn’t really do it well […]

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British Forces for Freeman’s Farm

Finally some new pictures.  While I havn’t been posting as I needed some time to assess the amount of time I was spending taking pictures and blogging versus the feedback, I have been painting like a madman.  Well, like a madman for me, I’m a very slow painter. I finished all of the forces that […]

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Updated Project Size

I have not been on top of my project size page as I should lately.  I just updated it as I have recently passed the 2100th figure mark.  It seems very rewarding to get this far.  I am a completionist and would like to be able to run any scenario I would like without having […]

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Saratoga 1777

Saratoga 1777: Turning point of a revolution by Brendan Morrissey is a book that should have had a review when I first started this blog.  I think it’s just that getting the Osprey for a relevant subject just seems like a no brainer to me, it’s simply my first step in any kind of research […]

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Enoch Poor’s Brigade

I have been waiting a while for this.  So far I have been concentrating on getting pictures on the blog for Hubbardton as that was a manageable engagement to paint and create a scenario for.  I have been hard at work for quite some time now and am weeks away from finishing the troops needed […]

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Saratoga by John F. Luzader

SARATOGA: A Military History of the Decisive Campaign of the American Revolution by John F. Luzander is quite simply the best book on the campaign that I have come across.  It reads very easy and goes into just the right amount of detail that it’s useful but doesn’t bog down the story. I finally understand […]

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More Pictures From The Visit

Just a few more pictures from the visit.

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Visit to Saratoga National Historic Park

This weekend I was going to the Lake George area with my family for a family get away. I made sure to add a precondition that if we went that close to Saratoga we had to drop by the battlefield.  So the kids turned out to be to skinny to play at the waterpark for […]

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