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Hubbardton Scenario Released

Now that the April Fools is through, on with business. I just posted the newest scenario in the downloads section.  It’s a simple little Hubbardton scenario.  The battle was fairly staight forward and so is the scenario. I would like to make a plea for feedback on these scenarios.  Even something as simple as spelling/grammar […]

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I painted my 2,500th 6mm musket yesterday and finally snapped. In a fit of rage, I threw the entire unit against the basement wall. I said to myself, “Self, THAT felt REALLY good.” I then sought out the storage bins where I keep the finished figures, dumped them on the floor and proceeded to jump […]

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Painting 6mm Militia

When I was ogling over the Baccus range of AWI figures, I did a lot of searching online for other AWI 6mm sites and found Howe’s About That Then!.  It seems he made a great start on a resource then stopped, but what is there is really useful.  I particularly liked the part where he […]

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Gaining Mass, 600 Troops

Another installment of my continuing effort to show how great large amounts of small figures look compared to small amounts of large figures.  I have been adding approx 150 troops to every picture.  When I placed the troops for my British Hubbardton photo, I thought it would be a great opportunity to show the 600 […]

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Hubbartdon’s British Troops

I have already posted the Patriot troops, so it’s about time the bad guys got their due.  The following units represent the British OOB for the Hubbarton conflict. I’ll describe the units in the first picture below. Out front is the commander Brigadier Frasier.  Next is the 24th Regiment, behind them the grenadiers, light infantry, […]

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First Scenarios Up

I have created the first two of my eventual Saratoga Campaign scenarios. You can find them at the downloads page.  Please go there and check them out.  Download as much as you like. I would only ask that if you either enjoy them or have a suggestion, please leave a comment here to that effect.  […]

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New Terrain Mat

I just recieved my new terrain mat from theterrainguy.com.   It seems ok, I’ll write more about it later, but I have been wanting to post some pictures of figures that weren’t just on display.  Here are some figures as they would appear in the wild.  They are larger than the pictures that I usually post […]

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First Ever Attempt At Terrain

Ok, don’t laugh at me, but I have had my first ever try and creating some terrain.  These are PaperTerrain 6mm European Buildings, and they are fantastic.  I have built quite a bit of 15mm stuff for my previous WW2 project.  The 6mm stuff is quite a bit easier to build as it’s not as […]

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Here Come the New Yorkers

This is the first New York Regiment that I have created, so it represents my first step outside of New England. The 4th New Yorkers had some pretty distinctive uniforms and I imagine they are pretty well documented as they show up in most collections of plates.  They wore with uniforms with black caps, rather […]

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Big Units

In my continuing efforts to show what 6mm has to offer in quality of quantity, I have taken some pictures of the next step in the “Gaining Mass” series which I will now call the “6mm Effect”. This is a group of 6 units, approximately 450 troops.  This is larger than most regular regiments that […]

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