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Rangers (4)

I have finally finished the last of my current Galloping Major figures.  These last few were a lot of fun.  I really like painting the tricorns and lace on the uniforms.  There’s not a lot to say about them that hasn’t been said before as this is the fourth lot of Rangers that I have […]

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Rangers (3) – Rogers and Co.

I have been anticipating these guys for a long time.  This is the first new release from The Galloping Major since I started painting his figures, so they set back my complete figures percetages creating a desire to get some paint on them quickly.  It still took me a little while as I was waiting […]

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5 Figures in Twenty-four Hours

I’ve been at a conference away from home for a few days now. One of the advantages of this is that I have had more painting time than I usually do in a house with three small children. I typically paint twelve figures in a month as I usually paint about two and a half […]

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Wash Experiments – Part 1

In my continuing persuit of better quality for my 28mm models, I’ve taken some advice from a thread I started on TMP.  I’m going to try washing the white basecoat and then drybrushing over that.  I’ve created a grey wash with some paint and Future floor polish that I have from some previous experiments years […]

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First 28mm Historical Figures

I’ve painted a lot of 6mm guys in the same pose, I mean A LOT of 6mm guys in the same pose. It’s time for a bit of a change. I first started painting 28mm “Heroic” sci-fi stuff for a short while before I become interested in historical gaming. I didn’t really do it well […]

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Flag Bearer Conversion

The British troops last carried a standard into battle at Laing’s Nek, and therefore the Baccus range doesn’t have any colonial Brits with flags. I like flags with my troops dammit, and my Brits will be carrying one on Mars. So, I took a marching pose trooper and cut off the rifle, drilled out (with […]

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Hubbartdon’s British Troops

I have already posted the Patriot troops, so it’s about time the bad guys got their due.  The following units represent the British OOB for the Hubbarton conflict. I’ll describe the units in the first picture below. Out front is the commander Brigadier Frasier.  Next is the 24th Regiment, behind them the grenadiers, light infantry, […]

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Indians Sir, Thousands of Them!

Well, 110 of them anyway.  I have been working on these troops for quite a while now and continually meant to take some pictures of them to post, but never really got around to it.  These are the first “skirmish” troops that I have posted.  I use 12 figures to a base rather than my […]

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British Light Infantry

As part of Fasier’s Advanced Corp, the Light Battalion saw action at Hubbardton and both Battles of Freeman’s Farm.  These guys were great fun to paint.  I love the units that mix up uniforms.  The tough part is to pick a reasonable mix and ratio that is accurate enough to keep you happy and still […]

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Stick with the Red Coats

As I near completion of my Saratoga Campaign project, I have been getting itchy feet for a new period.  I will not abandon AWI, but would like to expand my painting to cover two periods at once.  I don’t really fancy going back to 7YW yet as it still fills the same niche for me […]

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