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Black and White Zombies (2)

I’ve been aquiring Mantic Zombies for a  while now and somehow they never seem to get to the front of the paint queue.  There always seems something I’d rather be doing.  Mostly, they seem  time consuming for something that will appear in hordes and is really never in center stage.  They are impressive due to numbers rather than individual appearance.  Now this goes against my nature to hurry and paint figures, but I realized they were never going to get done unless I did.

I came to this realization about the same time I found this thread.  Such a wonderful effect for such little effort.  I had to try it and these are the results.  It took VERY LITTLE TIME and I like the effect.  Now, to get the other 60 I have in their new paint jobs.

It’s a simple spray paint with cheap Walmart flat white, then a dip in Minwax Tudor color, two coats of cheap Krylon Matte Acrylic spray paint, and basing them with a golden harvest static grass for that dead and decaying look.  I should be able to crank the rest our in a few nights.

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Dogs of War

I found these fantastic minis at Warlord Games in the Ancient Britons range.  I’ve always fancied painting some and the Ancient Britons range fascinates me, but two things have always stopped me from buying any.  1. I don’t have any interest in any of their oppononts, except maybe the Picts but I don’t have enough knowledge of the period to know if they were around at the same times. 2. I don’t have any interest in the period or style of warfare.
So I will use the dogs in my zombie games, because everyone knows dogs aren’t affect by the stuff that turns you into zombies.

I’d like to get a variety of colors for the dogs (I plan to add more) but I have to figure out what other colors are realistic choices.  This color scheme is what modern mastiffs are bred for.  A quick check on wikipedia just now shows I have a few other options.  I was curious how well my meat-fisted attempt at the “masking” of the eyes, snout, and ears would turn out, but I’m pretty happy with it.

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Mantic Zombies (1)


Group One

I’ve been plugging away at these for a bit and I’ve shown a few here and there over the past few months.  I own ninety of them at the moment and I hope the grow the number even further as I get towards the winter months.  I’ll leave the reviews to other blogs that have more experience with different zombies.  My opinion is this

  • I needed cheap zombies and these guys are dirt cheap, especially when you order them in groups of 60
  • I’m a little disappointed in the number of hand options they give.  In ever group of four hands (per three models) one is holding a head and another is holding a severed hand.  I could do without these as they draw attention and hurt the randomness of the zombie mob.  Every four zombies is holding a severed hand?
  • Putting them together is easy and shouldn’t detract from them.
  • They are ridiculously good value for money and the only way to build a zombie hoard of 200 models.

I have been painting them by:

  1. Spray paint of various colors (ColorPlace Grey Primer, Krylon Grey Primer, Krylon Beige Camo Paint, Krylon Light Green Camo Paint)
  2. Then dry-brushing them with a lighter color
  3. Painting random colors on the rotting clothes, same color for four random models at a time
  4. Painting the various open wounds with a light red-brown color
  5. Painting the hair various colors
  6. Painting eyes red
  7. Washing with my own wash formula
  8. Two coats of Dullcote
  9. Fin

I’d like to cut down the number of steps, but I think this is going to be the most efficient way to do it and still be satisfied.  With Zombies, it’s not the individual that matters, but the hoard effect.  While I do try my best, I don’t touch up mistakes, I just keep going.  There will always be more zombies to paint.

I painted a group of 12 first then a group of 15.  I don’t think I will paint larger groups than 15 as the task then seems daunting and I will put it off in favor of models that I enjoy painting more.

Group Two
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Copplestone Partisan Fighters

This is the second lot of Copplestone figures that I painted for my Dead of Winter project.  I really like the rag-tag look of these guys, they are the Partizan Fighters pack.  I tried to use some recuring colors to keep them somewhat cohesive as a unit, but making them look like they wore whatever they had when it was time to head out.

The Copplestone figures, in general, are fantastic to paint.  They seem to ooze character with a minimum of faffy bits to paint.  They could be a study in most effect with greatest conservation of detail.  I painted them about a quarter of the time it usually takes me for my FIW 28’s.

These guys should be great backup for my regulars when it comes time to zap some zombies.

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Neo-Sovs (1)

While looking at pulp figures in my quiet time, I found the Copplestone range, now I didn’t know what I needed any of the figures for, but I knew that I needed them.  I really liked the Neo-Sovs and had been looking for opponents for some zombies.  Living in the frozen North, I thought these would go great together.  If you’ve ever been outside at night in three feet of snow, below zero and just stood and watched the woods you’ll know the kind of effect it has on you.  It’s absolutely beautiful, but you feel a little bit vulnerable even if dressed for it.  I thought it would be a great setting for some zombies, enter The Dead of Winter.  Vermonters from the Free City of Burlington holding out in the Apocalypse against Zombie hoards.  No painting guides, no realistic pursuits, just painting and popping zombies, over and over.

These lads were dressed in winter gear and fit the bill perfectly.  The Copplestone figures are bigger than any other 28’s I have painted, and they are EASY to paint. Great big surfaces to paint and great lines to follow.  REALLY easy and FAST.  I enjoyed it greatly, and will be painting more before long.

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Dead of Winter Test Models

I’m getting close to wrapping up my current FIW project (well the close to finishing the beginning anyway) and that’s got me itching to try something different for me.  Something that doesn’t require historical accuracy.  I’ve also wanted to try some zombies for a while now, inspired by Akula’s Rules: Skirmish Edition.  I wanted to use the crazy cheap Mantic Zombies in the project, that was one thing I knew for certain.  While trolling for figures, I came across the fantastic Copplestone range.  So I’ve attemped to combine the two and have come up with The Dead of Winter.  I’ll set my games in the post-apocolyptic north where it’s winter for most of the time.  I haven’t quite figured out why it works, but I’ll be wargaming rather than growing crops and such.

The biggest obsticle has been how to base my units for winter.  I researched and researched winter basing and for the most part found out that there aren’t a lot of tutorials on the web.   The best one that I found was this snow basing tutorial.  I have replaced the baking soda on top of the base with Woodland Scenics snow flock, but kept to the recipe other than that.  It’s a serious pain and I’m not sure the flock will stay put, so I tried using my typical basing material, Vallejo Pumice, with a little white paint mixed in as well.  And because I’m still not certain that I want my zombies to only be able to be used in one gonre of game, I tried something close to my regular basing with more of the dead looking grass.   Here are the results.

I’m starting to really like the look of the winter bases with flock on them (1st zed), which is strange as I didn’t like them at all when I started.  While the next zed (middle one) looks ok in a picture, in actuallity, it looks a little to glossy and plasticy in person.  I also really like the “grassy” zed as it will mix with the basing on all of my other figures and will allow me to have everyone fight the Zombies as whim dictates.

So at this point I’m really just wrestling with the dilemma of whether I should actually start creating a winter table and base my zombies with snow bases.  I’m quite happy with how they will look, but do I want to make them exclusive to one table/set-up?  I want my VSF Lead Adventures chaps to fight zombies as well…I’m oogling many, many fine 28mm figs that could be zombie combatants too…there’s Hasslefree miniatures that I want to slap some paint on and many others.  Having a large group of zombies to fight small groups of figures allows me to paint small sets of figs (up to 10) on a whim and still have something to do with them.

Here are my Copplstone Neo-Sovs that are ready to be based when I decide.  If I don’t go with the winter theme, I’ll have to give them a different coat.

 I suppose I have to figure out if I want to have two sets of zombies or not?!

Any other ideas or suggestions out there?

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Neo-Sovs and Zombies WIP

I have been dying to start this new project for a while now and the near wrap up (2 months away) of my FIW extravaganza is around the corner.  These are my first test models for a “The Dead of Winter”.

Some Copplestone Neo-Sovs that will serve as the troops of The People’s Free City of Burlinton.

And some Zombies to oppose them.  Well the beginning of the zombies to oppose them anyway.  I’m quite happy with the way they turned out for test models.

I’ll have a lot more to tell about them once they are based up and ready to go.