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Dark Judges Group Photo

I just realized I didn’t put up a group photo when I finished my Dark Judges last week.  Here it is.

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Judge Fire and Judge Fear – Dark Judges (2)

This is the second round of Dark Juges.  I really like the Judge Fire figure but the Judge Fear figure leaves me a little cold.  I wasn’t really inspired while working on it and it shows  I think.  I tried to strip the paint from Clix figure but that didn’t work, so I just primed […]

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Judge Death and Judge Mortis – Dark Judges (1)

I have been eying these models for a long time, but never really got around to ordering them.  That is until I saw the awesome work going on over at Sho3box, he’s done a fantastic job showing off his work on various Judge Dredd models.  It gave me the inspiration and push I needed to […]

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Judges (3)

This is my third set of Judges and they just keep getting more fun to paint.  These are some of the most over-the-top figures I’ve painted yet.  I mean the badge on the SJS Judge is rediculous, but for some reason with Judge Dredd around, it doesn’t seem to phase me. This group also contains […]

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Judges (2)

  I’ve finally worked up some more Judges.  After deciding that I was going to do them in pairs so I had something to show on a regular basis, I went a different way.  I prepped and primed all four because it saved some work, then I thought, well I might as well paint all […]

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Judge Painting Guide

I won’t be painting up large batches of Judges, so I thought I would make this quicky painting guide for myself, so I can remember the colors I used and gain a bit of uniformity for the boys. Thought maybe someone else would find it useful.  All colors Vallejo except the Boltgun Metal that is an old […]

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Foundry Judges (1)

I have wanted these figures ever since I first saw them on the Foundry website, but the prices always stopped me.  My interest in Judge Dredd goes way back.  I was a big time comic reader when I was younger, it helped that my mom had an uncle with a news stand that used to […]

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Dredd – WIP

I’ve been reading old Judge Dredd comics this summer and it’s got me thinking about painting them for a while. I’ll write more about them when they have the final touches done. I had a problem where Dreddy was bigger than the bases I use, so I hit him with a file and shortened the […]

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