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Canadian Militia (5)

I finally finished one group of my FIW figures.  I have been painting them in a rotation to keep things fresh, so this means all of the groups are getting near completion. As usual, I have been saving my favorite command figures for the last group.  I’m especially fond of the Milice command figure with […]

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5 Figures in Twenty-four Hours

I’ve been at a conference away from home for a few days now. One of the advantages of this is that I have had more painting time than I usually do in a house with three small children. I typically paint twelve figures in a month as I usually paint about two and a half […]

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Mohawks (3)

I have been painting Mohawk warriors for a while now and I thought it was finally time I plowed through some of my more favorite models. I wanted to wait a while before I tried them to make sure that I worked out the bugs and did the best job I could on them. These […]

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Rangers (2)

I have finished my second batch of Rangers, those wearing caps this time. I’m really liking how these turned out, the Rangers take longer to paint than all the other units due to all of the details, but it’s a fun process and the end result is worth it. I painted one as a Provincial […]

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Huron (2)

I started this project as a fan of the Rangers and Iroquois, and really only choose to paint their opponents out of necessity. I suppose that comes from living on this side of the border (even if only by 1.5 miles). I’ve really come to like the Huron models as I paint more of them. […]

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Warpaint Your Own Indian!

For a while now, I’ve been suffering over how to make unique warpaint schemes on my Northeastern Woodland Indians. I came up with the idea of starting a collection of warpaint designs. Scott from Paperterrain.com was kind enough to create a blank template for us to draw on. So if you feel like contributing to […]

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Canadian Militia (4)

I’ve finished up another batch of Canadian Militia. I’ve started to paint more of the command figures as I gain more experience, so I now have 3 of the 6 command figures finished. I’ve also taken a group shot which I am very happy with. The thing about skirmish gaming that I never experienced before […]

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Review of The Border Covenant

The Border Covenant: A Tale of the French and Indian War by Hugh C. Griffith I have been trying to read as much as I can about the French and Indian war lately and this time I decided to try some Historical Fiction. This book is about a couple of Rangers that track an Abanaki […]

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Mohawks (2)

This is the first time I have painted a second group of figures. Meaning, I have already painted a group of Mohawks, but I painted three other groups of figures before starting this group. Having a go at them was easier this time as I have much more experience under my belt than I did. […]

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French and Indian War Scenarios

There seems to be a dearth of FIW scenarios out there for gamers. So I thought I would start a resource for those looking to find them. If you know of any posted on the net, leave a comment with a link and I’ll add it the post. TooFatLardies Scenarios 3 fantastic scenarios can be […]

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