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Huron (3)

I have finished my last batch of Huron warriors.  These guys were a lot of fun to paint and I even made a few alterations to them.  I’m not a big fan of headbands and in this last group I had a few guys with headbands, the one in the blanket and the guy standing and pointing, so I went to work on them.  I started with a dremel to grind them down and do the bulk of the work, then I hit them with a small round file to get a good shape back.  I think it came out alright and if you didn’t know it was done, you might not even notice.

I never really became comfortable with the green and purple warpaint so it was used sparingly throughout.  I really wish I was more creative with it in general, but it’s one of those things that I need to work on I guess.

Here they are as individuals.

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Huron (2)

I started this project as a fan of the Rangers and Iroquois, and really only choose to paint their opponents out of necessity. I suppose that comes from living on this side of the border (even if only by 1.5 miles). I’ve really come to like the Huron models as I paint more of them.

You still can’t beat a Mohawk scalplock, but the wider variety of warpaint colors available to the Huron gives these guys a leg up when painting. Until now I’ve been really conservative with the warpaint, but I really went for it with this group splashing the red and black around as much as I dared. I’m still not ready to use purple, but I tried one with green to see how it went, it doesn’t look to outlandish.

These guys turned out well I think. I wanted to do justice to the dramatic pose of the gent holding a rifle over his head with a wide stance. I’m not sure I did as he looks a little plain upon reflection. One more batch and the Huron should be finished.

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Huron (1)

Just finished these up last night. This is the second set of Indians I’ve done and the first with any experience in 28mm behind me, if paint all of 19 models counts as experience. I used a wash on these, which I didn’t on my previous Mohawks, and I think it helps to soften the skin tones and helps define the muscles in a way my brushwork doesn’t.

I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out. This is my first trial at war paint, it’s a difficult thing for me to come to terms with. I’d be more comfortable if there were some sort of regulations that told me the three possible combinations or some such thing, but I think I’ll be out of luck on this one. My fear is that I’ll end up adding the same three “random” patterns to everyone, but we’ll see.

I painted these with darker colors than I used on the Mohawks as I’ve been thinking of realistic ways to distinguish the two tribes at tables length. I’d also like to run red on red battles with them, so some distinction is preferable. Don’t get me wrong, when looking at a model closely, there are many differences, but sometimes this is lost when viewing from far away. As I wrote that last sentence, I realize that the Mohawk have feathers in their hair and the Huron don’t…damn, just checked the website and it’s consistent. That’s a bunch of wasted brain power, but at least I’ve got the easy recognition that I was after.

Without further ado, here’s the new batch.