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Can I Call It a War Party?

Alright, I have three of the buggers finished. I even felt like getting a little crazy on one loin cloth. I’ve been debating as to what kind of base to mount them on. I’ve put a few questions out on blogs asking about bases that I like. One of the typical answers seems to be English pennies. Well, I used to live in the UK and instead of asking my wife’s family for a constant supply of pennies, I thought about using a US penny. Then I thought I wouldn’t mind the extra gram or two and a bit more breathing room, so I went and mounted them on dimes, almost insuring I’ll never meet anyone that bases them the same way. But dimes are 21.2mm in diameter and 2mm thick, so I like them. If I had an easy source, I’d prefer something magnetic, but I don’t have the patience to source it and shop for them at the moment.

I’m feeling a little more relaxed when painting individual troops. It seems like for the past five years, I’ve been painting to fill a quote so I could play the massive games that I have going around in my head. Each unit was fun to finish and put in the line, but near the end there was little reward in the process. With painting for a skirmish game, you can give the models some personality. This seems like a more fun experience at the moment. On the same token, I can’t imagine a unit of 16 of these guys representing 500 men either. 1 to 1 seems to be the order of the day. I’ve already got a great name for my lead Ranger when they arrive.

I’ve got a boat load more of the Galloping Major’s figures arriving soon, though they seem to be delayed by “inclement” weather in Britain.

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The Mohawks Have Landed

Alright, I started reading about the French and Indian War recently. As a change from 6mm, I choose FIW skirmish as a little break, and I like what I see so far. I had asked around and was recomended Conquest Miniatures for my Native Americans, but was unhappy with the level of info they had for painting them. I had all the relavant Osprey titles and some Troiani plates from the AWI, but I wanted more info. In the search, I came across the Galloping Major Wargames figures. It was pretty much love at first sight. I really liked the look of the Indians and was sold. I put in the list of figures for Chrismas to the wife, but couldn’t wait and ordered a small sample to tide me over while they arrived.

When they showed up, I wasn’t disappointed. I quickly picked out my least favorite of the poses to practice on (a hard choice as they all were good) and got to work. Some posts on message boards and some contact with the owner/sculptor of Galloping Major and I had a good idea of where to start. There is some amazing examples of painted figures on his site and I was particularly taken with the following one.

So I set out to recreate it. Let me know what you think.