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Neo-Sovs (1)

While looking at pulp figures in my quiet time, I found the Copplestone range, now I didn’t know what I needed any of the figures for, but I knew that I needed them.  I really liked the Neo-Sovs and had been looking for opponents for some zombies.  Living in the frozen North, I thought these would go great together.  If you’ve ever been outside at night in three feet of snow, below zero and just stood and watched the woods you’ll know the kind of effect it has on you.  It’s absolutely beautiful, but you feel a little bit vulnerable even if dressed for it.  I thought it would be a great setting for some zombies, enter The Dead of Winter.  Vermonters from the Free City of Burlington holding out in the Apocalypse against Zombie hoards.  No painting guides, no realistic pursuits, just painting and popping zombies, over and over.

These lads were dressed in winter gear and fit the bill perfectly.  The Copplestone figures are bigger than any other 28’s I have painted, and they are EASY to paint. Great big surfaces to paint and great lines to follow.  REALLY easy and FAST.  I enjoyed it greatly, and will be painting more before long.