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British Forces for Freeman’s Farm

Finally some new pictures.  While I havn’t been posting as I needed some time to assess the amount of time I was spending taking pictures and blogging versus the feedback, I have been painting like a madman.  Well, like a madman for me, I’m a very slow painter. I finished all of the forces that […]

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Enoch Poor’s Brigade

I have been waiting a while for this.  So far I have been concentrating on getting pictures on the blog for Hubbardton as that was a manageable engagement to paint and create a scenario for.  I have been hard at work for quite some time now and am weeks away from finishing the troops needed […]

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Here Come the New Yorkers

This is the first New York Regiment that I have created, so it represents my first step outside of New England. The 4th New Yorkers had some pretty distinctive uniforms and I imagine they are pretty well documented as they show up in most collections of plates.  They wore with uniforms with black caps, rather […]

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Hubbardton Troops

I finished these troops a while ago, but haven’t taken the time to take the pictures.    Recreating all the units that fought at Hubbardton was the first goal I set for the blog.  Well, here are the Patriot Forces.  The Brits are finished and just awaiting photographing. I’ll talk about the first photo in the […]

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11th Massachusetts Regiment

This is the last regular unit left that saw action at Hubbardton.  I couldn’t find any specific information on this unit so I painted it up as a generic Mass regiment.  One nice thing about the uniforms from this war is that there is a set of generic combinations you can use for each state […]

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Warner’s Additional Continental Regiment

This is a unit that is near and dear to me as a Vermonter, even if it is my adoptive home state.  I wanted to do this unit early on, but not as my first unit because I wanted to work the bugs out of my painting first.  I really like the way they came […]

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Patriot Militia

This is the first post exclusively in the new blog software.  I have to say that this WordPress stuff is fantastic.  I do miss the total control that I had previously excecised, but I’ll give that up for the ease I have now. Here is my first unit of Patriot Milita.  They were a joy […]

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I have previously stated that I want to concentrate on the Saratoga Campaign as it: is close to home is interesting to me contains battles that will allow me to build my forces and still play has battles fought by the Green Mountain Boys! I plan to build up my forces so I can fight […]

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The 2nd New Hampshire

After receiving my first new AWI troops from Baccus, I wanted an easy first unit, enter the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment. These guys are the bog standard patriot unit. Their appearance is well documented and their flags can still be photographed live. I really like the way they turned out and think the unit is […]

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