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Carnage 2011

I recently attended Carnage on the Lake in Eastern Vermont.  It’s the only real convention in my home state and the only one that under three hours of driving.  There seems to be some sort of family emergency or sickness (once ended up with a 2 year old in the hospital the day before) that […]

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First Fusiliers

Originally Posted Monday, August 6, 2007 35th Infantry Regiment I finished my second unit of Fusiliers this weekend. I am quite happy with the results. This is the first of many “royal” regiments that come with yellow flag poles and spontoons. I think it brings a nice look to the unit. 35th Infantry Regiment – […]

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VSF Prussian Test Models

I’m on a foray into some Victorian Science Fiction for a nice change from the historical.  I needed some dastardly opponents for my red coated Brits and who better than the Germans right?  Two world wars and one world cup and all that, what what! What do you think of these?  Are they ready for […]

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