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I’m Kickstarting a Miniature Range

I’m not sure everyone knows, but I’m kickstarting a miniature range called Crossover Miniatures.  I’ve got a fantastic sculptor, Soapy Dormer, who is immensly talented with lots of great ideas.  We’ve come up with some greens to show off on our kickstarter page.  I just wanted to get the message out there to anyone who […]

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Reaper Supers

I’ve been on a bit of a Super Hero kick for a while now, it’s just that I’ve been so busy on other things that I haven’t had a chance to post these pics.  I haven’t even painted for about three weeks now and that hasn’t happened since my twin daughters were newly born, I […]

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Captain America and The Red Skull

I haven’t blogging recently, but I’ve been Super Busy!  (get it?) Anyway, I received these guys quite some time ago, two I paid dearly for and the other two I received for doing a little web consulting. Since painting some Foundry Judge Dredd figures a while ago, I’ve been getting into painting loud costumes and […]

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