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Carnage 2011

I recently attended Carnage on the Lake in Eastern Vermont.  It’s the only real convention in my home state and the only one that under three hours of driving.  There seems to be some sort of family emergency or sickness (once ended up with a 2 year old in the hospital the day before) that […]

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First Try at a Game of Might & Reason

OK, after 3 years of painting to get the forces ready to play a game of Might & Reason, about 4 months of purchasing and building terrain and a reread of the rules. I was ready to try my first game. I have been building the forces with two battles in mind, Lobositz and Kolin. […]

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Might and Reason Commanders

One of the things about playing Might and Reason is that each commander has a slightly different rating. This needs to be marked on each one in some way. I have played around with many different ways of doing this and nothing beats plain old English, unless you don’t speak it of course. So I […]

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Getting Ready for Lobositz

I have been painting 6mm Seven Years War figures for a number of years now and recently reached my goal of having enough troops painted to play the Might and Reason scenarios of Lobositz and Kolin. The next order of business was building the terrain so I could recreate those two battles. I think I’ve […]

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Beginning to Paint Prussians

Originally Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2007 I haven’t had a lot to show on the web for the past few days, but I was working hard on the second round of figures. I decided to try a different uniform scheme for this batch as the Prussians have a great many variations of the standard uniform, […]

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3 Squadrons of SYW Cavalry

About three years ago I started a SYW project to go with the Might & Reason rules.  I didn’t know a thing about the war or the combatants and used it as a springboard into serious historical war gaming and actual research on a period.  I have taken a few detours (like painting 2600 AWI […]

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Slapping On the First Bits of Paint

Originally Posted Friday , April 13, 2007 Now, on with the painting. I am working from internet sources linked to from this site, but they seem pretty reliable. I have decided to do a rather generic, simple scheme for my first Prussian stands. White, blue, and red. Keep it simple and just get on with […]

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The Forces Arrive

Orignially Posted Wednesday, April 11, 2007 The forces have finally arrived! A word on ordering from a different country, be prepared for a longer wait. Milites Miniumus was great to work with, everything came in bubble wrap in a box. I have ordered this scale or similar before and they just came in a padded […]

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First Fusiliers

Originally Posted Monday, August 6, 2007 35th Infantry Regiment I finished my second unit of Fusiliers this weekend. I am quite happy with the results. This is the first of many “royal” regiments that come with yellow flag poles and spontoons. I think it brings a nice look to the unit. 35th Infantry Regiment – […]

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Beginning of the SYW blog

Originally Posted on April 4, 2007 For the past two years, I have been building a force of 15mm WW2 Hungarians and US Paratroops. (as can be seen here) Well, now I am bored sick of them. Everything is painted three colors in the period. Green, Brown, and Grey, that’s it, yes there are variations […]

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